Andre Totally Changes Lucious' Case On 'Empire'

Afrer one night of digging, it looks like Lucious Lyon's problems might be history. On Wednesday night's episode of Empire , "Poor Yorick," Lucious and Andre once again discussed how Andre could get back in his father's good graces and return to Empire. When Lucious tells Andre that he can have whatever he wants if somehow fixes Lucious' murder charges, Andre digs up Vernon's body in the middle of the night. Of course, Lucious and his lawyer put a tracker on Andre's car, discovered what he was doing (alongside Rhonda), and helped. Once they were all done, Lucious left Vernon's body in the passenger seat of Roxanne Ford's car, and since he was the star witness of her case, does this mean all the charges against Lucious will be dropped?

Not likely, if Roxanne has anything to do with it. Considering how long she was able to keep Lucious in prison and keep the investigation open, even without Vernon, the prosecutor clearly has a lot of power within the justice system. Roxanne could even try to hide the body herself, until she finds enough evidence to take Lucious down without Vernon's testimony. She may take the legal route and just turn Vernon's body over to the authorities, but that would seriously hurt her case.

No matter what Roxanne chooses to do, Cookie giving her fake information about the Apex Radio deal certainly won't lead the lawyer in the right direction to find more dirt on Lucious. She will likely keep trying to help the FBI find any possible information they can to arrest Lucious. Roxanne has already proven that she's willing to do whatever it takes to destroy Lucious, as she even threatened to leak Andre's medical records — a seriously cruel, unethical threat.

Rght now, Roxanne has to cover her bases, and I'm worried she'll start trying to dig up dirt on every member of the Lyon family, not worrying about how badly she hurts them in the process. Like Lucious said, Roxanne is willing to make or break her career on his case. It's just a matter of time until she breaks someone else.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX