'Breaking Bad' Fan Who Hung Out With Cast Gets Busted on Drug Charges in Ironic Twist

Well, isn't this an ironic twist of events? According to WPTV, a Breaking Bad contest winner has been arrested on drug charges. The man, Ryan Lee Carroll of San Carlos Park in Florida, won the contest that star Aaron Paul put on just before the final episode of the series. The winner got the chance to party with the cast, and now, Carroll has been arrested on multiple drug charges after being found in "possession of a synthetic narcotic and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription." Yikes.

For the contest, fans could enter to win a chance to attend the final episode screening at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles, and then a private after party with just the cast and crew in attendance. Paul also offered to personally pick up the winner from the airport, because he just that badass/awesome of a dude.

Carroll, of course, won the contest, and partied with the cast as promised. However, turns out, he knew a lot more about drugs than anyone actually affiliated with the show would have guessed! There's no indication if any of the substances involved were actually meth.

In addition to possession, Carroll was also charged with a misdemeanor for keeping a shop or vehicle for dangerous drugs.


Image: AMC, Tumblr