Kate Hudson Keeps It Real In This Priceless Pic

Sure, getting dressed up for red carpet events looks amazing and all, but even that has its downsides. Kate Hudson showed how hard it is to go to the bathroom in a fancy dress on Instagram. She looked gorgeous in the floral dress she wore to the La Mer celebration, but doing daily and important tasks in it wasn’t so easy. That’s just one of those things you don’t think about until it’s too late, you know? I mean, when have you ever thought about wearing something by asking yourself, “Will I be able to go to the bathroom easily in this?” Never.

Women tend to go to the bathroom in groups, and it’s got a lot to do with moments like these. Who else would help you in a time of need like this other than your gal pals? I love that Hudson was able to catch this laughable moment because it’s definitely one of those priceless behind-the-scenes kind of snaps. You definitely don’t think of this when you picture the glitz and the glam of an event like this.

Leave it to Hudson to always keep it real, though. She’s constantly doing that on social media, and you’ve got to admire how open she is. Because really — it’s not just her. We’ve all had these moments.

Raise your hand if you've been here before.

Here are some other times the struggle has been real, even for her.

1. Hungover Travels

Because who travels without drinking before hand?

2. Upkeep

You've got to keep those roots looking good.

3. Time For A Nap

Because sometimes you just need a break.

4. Cheetos And Wine

Hmm, what to snack on? Cheetos and wine. They make up an essential food group, after all.

5. Workout Mode

When you try to work out, but, like, puppies!

6. Dance Party

This is pretty much the only way to cure boredom.

Hudson just gets it.

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