What You Need to Know About 'Ravenswood'

Have you missed the Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood 's first five episodes? If so, you've missed some seriously creepy stuff. Though we're only a mere 40 minutes from Rosewood, Ravenswood boasts far scarier fare — we're talking demons, skeletons sealed inside walls, and evil little girl ghosts. In just five episodes, Ravenswood has set up an intense mystery that rivals the "Whodunnit?" of its parent show.

But much like Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood can get kind of complicated. So here's a breakdown of the things you need to know before the start of the second half of the season which airs Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Caleb of Pretty Little Liars Has A Connection To Ravenswood

Caleb was always sort of an outsider in Rosewood — a foster kid, he didn't know much about his family background. Last season, Caleb connected with his long-absent father, finally getting some answers about his history. But it turns out that there is even more that he was missing — while looking for his girlfriend Hanna during the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, Caleb — and his new friend, Miranda, a fellow foster kid he met on the bus ride over to Ravenswood — find headstones with their names and photographs on them. It turns out that Caleb and Miranda's relatives were lovers who died mysteriously in the town of Ravenswood years earlier. (Oh, and did we mention that Caleb and Miranda have a bit of a love connection, too? Does not seem great for Hanna.)

5 Ravenswood Teens Are Connected By a Curse

Those teens are twins Olivia and Luke, Luke's girlfriend Remy, and Caleb and Miranda. Olivia and Luke's father was murdered months before Caleb and Miranda arrived in town, and the town police force believes that their mother committed the crime. Remy's own mother has just returned from a tour in the army, where she lost her entire troop. Miranda and Caleb stay with Miranda's uncle, who did not know she was returning to Ravenswood and seems less than thrilled to have her there. Also living with Miranda's uncle is the house caretaker, Ms. Grunwald — the person who saved Alison from Pretty Little Liars.

Miranda Dies, Like, Immediately

At the end of the pilot episode, the five teens are driving along the road in the rain when Miranda spots a woman in black standing on the bridge. Miranda screams, causing Remy to drive the car off the bridge. Miranda dies in the accident, but Caleb can still see — and communicate with — her ghost. The teens contact Miranda through Caleb.

The Curse is A Repeating Pattern

Remy (the smart one) figured out that five Ravenswood teens die every time a soldier returns home after the rest of their troop has died — as though they have been spared in someway from death. Olivia and Luke's father's old high school girlfriend died alongside four other teens. Before their father died, he tried to contact his dead girlfriend, Abby. Later, Miranda sees Abby standing by her grave in the cemetery and tries to contact her, causing someone — another unseen force — to split her grave in two. The five teens try to contact Abby by seance, but possibly unleash a darker force instead.

Miranda's Family is Super Weird and Possibly Evil

Ms. Grunwald helped the liars out on PLL but who knows what her deal is on this show. Her boss, Collins — Miranda's scary mortician uncle — is also potentially evil. For one thing, he took a piece of Miranda's hair after she died for... something. It's pretty ambiguous right now, but there is definitely a chance he's a bad dude.

Olivia's Boyfriend Has A Connection to Dark Spirits

In one episode, Miranda believes that she is being taken care of by her parents, who died years earlier, in the home that she could have grown up in. In reality, it's a trick played by the evil ghosts of Ravenswood who want to keep Miranda from finding out the truth. In Miranda's fake dream world, there is a little girl named Max, whom Miranda's fake parents are "taking care of." This girl is terrifying and can spin her head 360 degrees, so obviously she is bad news. Even weirder? Olivia's boyfriend Dillon (whom you will think nothing of as he gets about ten minutes of screen time, total) has some strange connection to this little girl — he's playing Olivia and hiding his own dark side.

Ravenswood returns Tuesday night, Jan. 7.

Image: ABC Family