4 'Ravenswood' Things We Need To Know

ABC Family's new show from the Pretty Little Liars' creators, Ravenswood, will air its midseason finale tonight. Too soon? We agree. In the show's first four episodes, we've gotten a lot of thrills and chills, but we aren't any closer to knowing the whats, hows, and whys of Ravenswood and the curse. Not that we're surprised — in true PLL fashion, the show packs in a lot of creepy action but very few answers, a recipe to get us hooked. But we want to know what's going to happen to handsome as hell Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) and the rest of the Ravenswood kids and why.

Tyler Blackburn dropped some hints about what to expect on Tuesday's episode to E! and The Hollywood Reporter, including a "really beautiful and romantic and funny and sweet" phone call with PLL's Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson). Blackburn also revealed that the group will have to come together to save the recently deceased Miranda from what her vision of heaven looks like, because things are never what the seem in the worlds created by I. Marlene King. The midseason finale is also set to feature a pretty informative flashback of Caleb and Miranda's doppelgängers (here we go again) who were very much in love in their day. Interesting. Based on the episode's official preview, it looks like the it is going to be a doozy. In fact, you should probably invite a friend over watch with you. (Corpses in the wall?!?!)

Here's a short list of important things we've learned so far on Ravenswood:

1. Remy's mom's return from war kicked off the curse.

Remy herself cracked the pattern early on and determined that whenever a soldier that feels they "should have died" returns to Ravenswood, five teenagers die. Some mystical power balance?

2. There's something in the water.

Caleb almost got drowned in his bathtub, and even though he thinks that Miranda's uncle is responsible, it looks like the curse's higher power was actually the culprit. The car crash that killed Miranda happened on a bridge, in the pouring rain, and the car ended up submerged in the river. Miranda also found puddles around the house and the PLL cast had rusty water dripping on them while inside. Finally, on last week's episode, Remy wakes up to get a glass of water from the dispenser in her fridge and instead of water, blood comes running out to fill her glass. Coincidences? I think not.

3. There's a slew of ghosts roaming around.

We have a feeling that Miranda isn't the first person to die and come back as a ghost in this town. First, she's always saying how scared she is of the other people "out there." Wherever that is, we don't exactly know yet. We also know that Olivia and Luke's dad was being contacted by a deceased high school sweetheart (also a victim of the curse) about being in danger. She also contacted the group during a séance they performed two episodes ago. Finally, Miranda's mom and dad, we're not sure yet whether they're just projections of Miranda's mind because she so desperately wants to be with them, but they are there and they are ghosty.

4. The adults know something.

Every adult on this show has a creepy, all-knowing air about them like they're all in on a little secret that the kids can't know about. Especially creepy Mrs. Grunwald and Raymond Collins. Even Luke and Olivia's mother never wants to talk to them about anything. Why? Is someone always listening? Why did people in the outside world gasp and ask if she really lived there when Remy mentioned that she was from Ravenswood? The kids are absolutely being kept out of the loop on something.

And now a short list of things we need to find out:

1. What's in the box?

At the end of last week's episode, Caleb, in a fit of rage, started kicking and bashing this metal box around until it opened. As he picked it up and looked inside the screen went black (of course) but before Ravenswood breaks till next year, we need to know what was in the damn box.

2. How are Miranda's uncle and Luke and Olivia's mom connected?

Last week, a bizarre and awkward exchange occurred between Raymond Collins and Rochelle Matheson that hinted at something more than just common acquaintance. Olivia goes to Miranda to talk about the strange situation and they release that he might be the culprit. Miranda's seen inside his private study which is filled with "tools" and Olivia recalls that they never found the weapon that murdered her father. A crime of passion? We wanna know.

3. What do the dog tags mean?

Caleb connected with a distant (and very old) Rivers family member on last week's episode over a failed attempt at chess. The old man refused to help him when he started asking about the curse, but turned up unexpectedly later on in the episode to give Caleb a strange gift — dog tags. And to reveal a cryptic message that sounds a lot like Caleb is now the guardian of some secret associated with the curse. Who did they belong to? What do they mean? Also, the Rivers family seems like a bunch of wackos.

4. What the hell is up with this curse?

Blackburn teased that we'd be learning a bit about the curse tonight and tying up a few of the loose ends on the show but how many juicy nuggets of info will we get? Where'd the curse come from and why does it even exist? Whose idea was it? We could go one forever because all we know is that one soldier returns and five kids die. Help us out here!

The 'Ravenswood' mid-season finale will air on ABC Family at 8 p.m. on Nov. 19.