7 Best Smizes From ‘America’s Next Top Model’ That Will Live On Forever — PHOTOS

After 12 years and 22 cycles, America's Top Model will officially be ending this year, but worry not, the smize will live on forever. Tyra taught dozens of models how to smize and the world was forever changed. You would be lying to yourself if you said you've never attempted to smize in photos. It may not have gone as smoothly as you would have liked, nor looked as fierce as when Tyra did it, but you definitely snapped a selfie or two with Tyra's legendary stare. So did plenty of aspiring models throughout the show's history.

Some were better than others, and those who could master the smize were the ones that inevitably made it to the end. As I write this I'm slowly starting to realize that ANTM might have revolved completely on the premise of smizing and everyone's love of the term and the stare. Tyra knew what she was doing and obviously knew what her viewers wanted to see.

Models came and went, but the smize remained forever. No one was quite able to master the smize quite like Tyra, but they gave it their best effort. Below are 7 of the best smizers from America's Next Top Model. But first, here is the pro herself giving one heck of a smize.

Without further ado, here are my favorite smizes from the legendary show.

1. Ashley Brown's Sexy Smize (Cycle 22)

She clearly learned from the master.

2. Eva Marcille's Smizing With A Spider (Cycle 3)

Seriously, Marcille is a champ. I could never ever let a spider crawl on me, let alone look stunning while doing it.

3. Natasha Galkina's Got The Smize Down (Cycle 8)

Definitely easier to smize in this situation than with a tarantula...

4. Jourdan Miller Smizing With The Queen Herself (Cycle 2.0)

OK fine, Tyra's smize is better, but she gets points for being brave enough to pose next to her.

5. Nyle DiMarco Has The Smize Figured Out (Cycle 22)

I feel like he's staring into my soul.

6. Yoanna House Is My Smizing #Goals (Cycle 2)

One of my favorite models from the show by far. I mean, look at that smize!

7. Raina Hein Nailed The Smize (cycle 14)

Even in the rain, Hein nailed the smize.