Seth Meyers Gets 'Time's First 2014 Cover & He Seems Just as Baffled By This as We Are

Apparently, this year is going to be the year of Seth Meyers. At least according to these guys: Time put Seth Meyers on their first cover of 2014. The magazine lists the February premiere of Late Night with Seth Meyers as one of the 25 things to look forward to this year and in this cover photo, Meyers looks as amused by this as we are.

Sure, the new Late Night should be good, even if replacing one white, male SNL Weekend Update anchor with another wasn't NBC's most inspired choice, but isn't Meyers a little boring to get his own cover? Jimmy Fallon's takeover of The Tonight Show will probably be much more exciting to watch, as Jay Leno is finally overtaken by someone younger, happier, and more fun. Does Meyers even sing?

Still, he made the cover — in the U.S. at least. Apparently, other regions would rather see the number 2014 on the cover than the Weekend Update cohost. Meyers has been humorously modest about the whole thing, tweeting a photo of the cover along with, ".@TIME shamelessly panders to the "My Mom" demographic."

He even seems to be laughing at himself in the photo. With his hand covering his mouth in a bemused expression, we can't help but wonder, just what was Meyers thinking when the picture was taken?

In a Twitter conversation with SNL cast member Aidy Bryant (known to same as Lil' Baby Aidy), Meyers even joked about what he was doing during the photo shoot.

If that's the case, we can't blame Meyers for being so amused on the cover. Have you seen "(Do It On My) Twin Bed?" If not, the video is below, followed by our guesses of what Meyers was thinking or doing during his big Time cover shoot.

Imagining An Interview with Amy Poehler

Ever since he was officially revealed to be the next Late Night host, Meyers has said that he wants his former Weekend Update co-anchor Poehler to be his first guest. He must've been smiling just thinking about how delightful that first episode will be. The two may not have officially worked together in a while, but when Poehler prank-called Meyers during his February 2013 appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, the pair proved that they still have plenty of chemistry.

The Desperation of Finding His Own Justin Timberlake

You know how sometimes you feel so desperate and hopeless that you just can't help but laugh? That could be what's going on with Meyers, as he realizes that he needs to find his own Timberlake. The Late Night audience has gotten used to Timberlake's appearances that make for some of Fallon's best episodes. The Fallon/Timberlake bromance isn't contained to Late Night either, Timberlake served as the musical guest on SNL when Fallon hosted a few weeks ago, and you can just feel the love. Meyers needs to find an extremely talented, great looking celebrity ASAP, and become his best friend.

His Brother, Josh Meyers

In case you didn't know, there are two Meyers, both are adorable and funny. Josh is younger and was on MadTV, and currently voices a character on Seth's animated Hulu series The Awesomes. They're endearingly cute and sometimes appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon together where they played The Sibling Game. For his Time cover, the eldest Meyers was likely thinking back fondly on all of the cute memories he shares with his brother, or Josh was there making faces at him — also cute.

How Amazing Cecily Strong is on Weekend Update

Meyers' wry smile could be part amusement, part jealousy at how much Strong is killing it on Weekend Update. Meyers may have tweeted that he's not done on Update, but I doubt many people are concerned about him when they have Strong. Maybe by 2015 Strong will get her own Time cover.

Image: Time