Magic Johnson Opens Up About Lamar Odom With A Heartfelt Speech That Will Make You Cry — VIDEO

While we all wait in various states of nervousness for any updates on Lamar Odom's condition after the former basketball player was found unconscious in Nevada, the flood of support and condolences from fans and friends alike continue to poor in. Most eyes are on either the NBA players who knew Odom the best, or, of course, on the Kardashian family due to the fact that Odom was previously married to Khloe Kardashian to the point of being prominently featured in a spin-off series for Kardashian's reality show, Khloe & Lamar. On Wednesday, Magic Johnson spoke about Lamar Odom during a Habitat For Humanity Builders Ball in Los Angeles, and his beautiful words will absolutely make you cry — especially if you were a huge fan of Odom and his career.

"I got a chance to know him and got to be friends with him, and he would always bounce things off [me], because, when he came out, everybody compared him to myself — big man that could handle the ball — so we had that whole dynamic that we had together," said Johnson after discussing how hard this entire situation is on fans and players in the NBA family. "Lamar did so much for so many people. People don't realize he had such a big heart and has such a big heart. He blessed so many kids, people he didn't even know. Rookies that came and played for the Lakers, [he] bought them suits, tailor-made suits. I mean, this is who he is. We're hoping and praying that he can pull through and that he'll be OK. If that happens, we all have to now rally around him and help him move forward in his life."

Of course, that wasn't the first time that Johnson opened up about the former basketball player. Earlier on Thursday, he also sent out the following (though admittedly poorly worded) tweet praising Odom both as a person and as a player.

If you managed to get through all of that without tearing up, then Johnson went on to describe what he would do if he could see Odom up and about, healthy and well, at this very moment. "First of all, if he was well, I would bring him a bag of Skittles, because that was his thing, right? Candy was his thing. He loved candy," he replied. "I just want to see the smile, because I know he's OK." My heart, you guys, my heart.

It goes without saying that, regardless of how anyone and everyone felt about Odom prior to his hospitalization, everyone wants to see the former basketball player back up on his feet and healthy again. Though updates about his condition may be slow in coming, and rumors might be running rampant, we're all keeping Odom in our hearts and minds and praying that he will get well again soon. The fact that the world at large is coming together to show their support, and that so much of Odom's NBA family are hardly being shy about encouraging him to pull through this, is honestly beautiful. Hopefully, Odom makes a full and swift recovery.

Check out the video below.