Lena Dunham Thinks 'Girls' Hannah Horvath Would Feel Very Conflicted by a Juice Cleanse

Are you waiting as eagerly as I am for the Season 3 premiere of Girls , Lena Dunham's HBO brainchild? If so, then you will love Dunham's new Instagram video ode to her character Hannah. In it, Dunham talks about how Hannah feels about a subject that is on everyone's mind at some point or another post-holidays: the juice cleanse.

Now, while shunning solid foods for any period of time seems tragic to me, Hannah has a totally different approach. According to Dunham, Hannah has tried a juice cleanse, got "really sick", and then decided against juice cleanses forever. Then she tried another juice cleanse. Which could basically be a metaphor for Hannah's relationship with Adam, when you really think about it.

Juice cleanses aren't the only things that we're interested in hearing Hannah Horvath's thoughts on. I, for one, am highly interested in hearing Hannah's thoughts on jorts, quinoa, Beyonce's new album, Seth McFarlane hosting the Oscars, whether or not Justin Bieber is actually retiring, Shia LaBeouf's apology, Miley Cyrus' newest video, Bikram yoga, the ending of Breaking Bad, whether or not the top continued to spin in Inception, and who should be the next judge on The X Factor. To name a few.

Girls returns Sunday, Jan. 12.