Birchbox Love Of Color Line Has Your Trendy Beauty Needs Sorted — PHOTOS

There are so many subscription beauty boxes right now and they work pretty similarly — sign up and receive an editor or staff-curated box of product samples at your house each month for a glamorous and super fun try-before-you-buy period — but Birchbox is known as the OG. Now, Birchbox is launching its own Love Of Color makeup line, so the brand is officially changing the subscription box game!

How so? Well, the subscription box business model is that it provide samples of existing, familiar, and luxe brands. The boxes don't usually feature in-house brands. Until now. Now, what's Love Of Color, aka "LOC," all about? I'm glad you asked.

According to Racked, Love Of Color was co-designed by Glam Life Guru blogger Tati. The line will boast trendy products in a smaller sizer, meant for single season usage. How's that for commitment-free? It allows you to keep up with season trends without having to break the bank on a lipstick you will grow bored of or that will be out of style in a few months.

LOC includes lipsticks and eye shadow sticks in cream formulas. Of course, Birchbox will feature Love Of Color samples in its subscription boxes, because duh! It makes perfect sense.

Why wouldn't the brand use its own platform to sell its own makeup line? That's trickier than it might seem. Birchbox can still be relied upon to include tons of luxe, amazing samples from other brands in its boxes, since that's currently the company's bread and butter.

It isn't phasing other brands out in favor of LOC. Consider this an enhancement and expansion of the Birchbox brand! You win, since you get to play with fun, affordable, trendy makeup along the way.

Here's everything else you need to know.

1. Every Six Months

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LOC will introduce new colors every six months, so it will evolve with trends. If you like the LOC stuff you receive in the boxes, you can purchase on the site.

2. There Are Sets Available Now!

The lip and eye products are sold on their own and together in sets. Lipsticks are $8, while the shadows are $10. The entire collection is available for $46. Talk about affordable!

3. More In-House Brands Are On The Way

According to Racked, Birchbox plans to launch even more in-house brands. There is one on deck as soon as early next year, as well.

The subscription box game is changing and I like it because makeup-istas get more options. Clearly, Birchbox is onto something, as some of these products are already out of stock.

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