Amy Schumer Makes 'Elle's 2015 Women In Hollywood List & She's The Perfect Embodiment Of The Honor

I've been obsessed with Amy Schumer for a long time, so I'm glad to see that the rest of the world is finally catching on. 2015 has undoubtedly been her year, which is why it's not surprising at all that Schumer has been named one of Elle's 2015 Women in Hollywood, along with actresses like Dakota Johnson and Kate Winslet. It's unquestionable that the 34-year-old comedian deserves to be there, especially since Elle defines their list as ladies who have spent the year "illuminating the many realities of what it means to be a woman right now." I can think of few people who do this better than Schumer does. She's never shied away from the good, the bad, and the ugly about being a woman, even when it means delving into some pretty awkward stuff — by laughing at it, of course.

Need an example? Schumer's Trainwreck costar Brie Larson summed it up perfectly when she talked about her on-screen sister as part of Elle's feature. "We were shooting the baby shower scene and after Amy introduced everyone, she said, ‘Okay, let’s go around the room and tell each other when we first got HPV.'" Larson said. "She brings to light the parts of our lives that we usually conceal. She’s using comedy to break down boundaries."

And making the rest of us feel more comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics isn't Schumer's only accomplishment this year. She's so deserving of this honor because 2015 has definitely been the year of Amy Schumer in so many ways.


If you haven't seen Trainwreck yet, you're seriously missing out. Jam packed with scenes like the baby shower that Larson talked about above, watching Trainwreck will probably make you feel a whole lot more normal. The entire movie was laugh out loud funny in a way that isn't true for a lot of comedies that have hit theaters recently. Also, huge bonus: I lived my life for 26 years without knowing how funny LaBron James was until his appearance in this movie, and now, I feel like a happier person because of it.

Her HBO Comedy Special

It doesn't air until October 17, but the fact that she has a special on HBO at all is another sign that Schumer is here to stay.

Saturday Night Live

Hosting SNL is a big deal, guys. It's the universal sign for "Hey, you made it!" in Hollywood, and Schumer's episode was flawless. Her monologue was one of my favorites ever, and since she's used to doing sketch comedy on her own show, she made hosting look easy.

And Her Shiny New Emmy

Although she was nominated for Inside Amy Schumer last year, she finally took home an Emmy in 2015 for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, plus three more nominations. Impressive, right?

Here's hoping 2016 is an even bigger year for Schumer. I need more movies like Trainwreck ASAP.

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