8 Halloween Hair Accessories For Lazy Girls

Maybe you're not big on Halloween but can't get out of a party, or just don't have time to think about costumes at all right now. Lucky for you, these Halloween hair accessories for lazy girls (or just super busy girls) are the best way to appear perfectly festive with absolute minimal effort.

As a fashion and beauty writer that freaking loves Halloween because it's my excuse to splurge on fun new makeup products, it's hard for me to understand why everyone doesn't feel this way. But I know you non-Halloween lovers exist! One of my old college roommates that was just not into the holiday at all had to literally be dragged to our dorm's Halloween party (sorry Lindsay!). Her version of a costume for the party was rocking a cat eye with barely-there black liner. Though her cat eye game was on point, I could tell she could've cared less.

If you lack Lindsay's ability to draw a perfect cat eye, hair accessories are a great alternative for a simple, fast, and nearly effortless Halloween costume. For just a few bucks, you can be good to go for whatever party you're being dragged to. Who knows, you might even have fun thanks to your cute hair accessory!

1. Cat Ears

(Cat Ears, $14.80, Amazon)

With cat ears, the possibilities are endless! You can be a cat or Ariana Grande!

2. Bridal Veil

(Bridal Veil, $12.90, Amazon)

Smear some black mascara, place a veil on your head, and boom — instant zombie-bride.

3. Scrunchie

(Cord Scrunchie, $7.50, ASOS)

Pop a scrunchie in your hair, slap on some leggings, and call it the '80s.

4. Hipster Witch Hat

(Crochet Witch Hat, $28, Etsy)

You're one pointy knit hat away from rocking the hipster witch look.

5. Unicorn Rainbow Wig

(Unicorn Rainbow Wig, $28, Claire's)

Channel all your giddy kit rainbow unicorn magic with this one piece.

6. Roaring '20s Headband

('20s Headband, $25, Etsy)

Love Gatsby? Look no further!

7. Minnie Mouse

(Minnie Mouse Headband, $13.99, Etsy)

Bonus points if you can pair this with a polka dot dress!

8. Cowboy Hat

(Glitter Cowboy Hat, $18.95, Amazon)

As a Texan, I fully support you rocking this option.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands