What's Up With The Cat Ears?

Recently, it has come to the world's attention that Ariana Grande has been wearing cat ears everywhere she goes. Everywhere. She. Goes. Grande wore them for her performance at Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and she wore them at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, as well. According to her Instagram, she seems to like to wear them for a chill day at home, too. So what is the deal with the ears?

I get that fashion trends are easily picked up from your favorite celebrities/people you look up to. If I saw J Law wearing army pants and flip flops, I'd buy army pants and flip flops. But this? Cat ears? Is this a thing that we are supposed to be picking up on as a trend? Maybe Grande is just doing her own thing and wearing cat ears. Perhaps someone told her she looks cute in them — which she does — so she wears them all the time, like I did in college when someone complimented my hair with a headband... so I wore that headband every damn day until it fell apart. Let's explore Grande's fascination with felines, shall we?

Right off the bat, I'm thinking the ears represent Grande paying homage to her late character as Cat Valentine on Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon. Maybe this is her way of letting the now canceled show live on through plush ears atop her perfectly sculpted ponytail? Or maybe I am giving Grande way too much credit and reading too far into the ears.

Then I asked myself, "Why would I buy cat ears?" The first thought was mixers for my for sorority in college. I bought many an animal ear during my time. But I don't think Ariana Grande is going to sorority/frat mixers, so my next best guess would be Halloween. Oh, Halloween, the time when a costume constitutes as throwing on cat ears and using eyeliner for your whiskers and nose (I'm allowed to say this because I was a mouse last year, and looking back, it was weak). Grande must have been a cat for Halloween in the past, and because she just had the ears lying around, she decided to throw them on for fun.

Jackpot. I knew it. Grande was a "cat" for Halloween last year, as she posted on her Instagram. I bet cats are her favorite animals and she has a ton of them lounging around her house.

Oh, wait. She's a dog lover? What's that? She has a ton of dogs. Does she even own a cat. Why the mixed signals? Does she even like cats? Were the cat ears just easier to work with than the dog ears?

So if Grande loves dogs this much, why is this pretty kitty promoting her album? Doesn't she know cats and dogs aren't supposed to get along? Has she ever seen Garfield? Whose cat is this? Why is it listening to music? Side note: if Ariana Grande were a cat, I think she would be this cat. It has great hair. But if she wants cats to promote her album — and obviously she does, because she wouldn't be wearing cat ears if she wasn't trying to appeal to the feline persuasion — why is she posting pictures of her and her dogs!


But wait, what is this? Are those bear ears? They're too round to be cat ears. Which is it? Bear or cat? Cat or dog? I need to know!

We may never know why, but Grande's cat ears seem to be staying put on top of her head... for meow.

Images: Ariana Grande/Instagram (8); Giphy (2)