14 2014 Golden Globes Red Carpet Predictions

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Awards season is just around the corner, and kicking off the red carpet parade is the Golden Globes on January 13th. Not only are the Globes a time to reflect on the theatrical achievements of the year, they also provide a rare opportunity to view couture creations off the runway.

Some actresses, such as the venerable Julianne Moore, consistently inspire audiences with their elegant and avant-garde choices. Others, like Lucy Liu in her dreamy, floral Carolina Herrera gown last year, dominate post-Globes commentary with unexpectedly brilliant ensembles. And then there are the wild cards who always shock viewers with their picks, whether they decide on a glamorous and demure gown or an appalling mess of migraine-inducing pattern. (You were thinking it... we said it.) We pulled out some red carpet moments from the vault to predict fashion successes and failures for the 2014 Golden Globes to begin.

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