Get To Know Harry Styles' Rumored GF

by Michelle McGahan

Forget any of the scenarios in One Direction's "Night Changes" music video, my ideal date with Harry Styles obviously (obviously) involves playing a timeless board game with him in a cabin as he is dressed in nothing but a bathrobe. Yes, this sounds oddly similar to Niall Horan's super cozy "Night Changes" date, only this is a real thing that happened to Styles and I know this because there is visual proof of it on the Internet. Thanks to sleuthing 1D stans with a penchant for Snapchat, the world learned that Harry Styles recently played Scrabble with Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler, who uploaded videos with the board game-happy 1D singer on the media-sharing app. Needless to say, everyone is obviously speculating that this woman fortunate enough to win triple letter scores with Styles is his new girlfriend, or at least a new ~special lady~ in his life. So, who is Georgia Fowler, and, more importantly, where is my application to become her?

Besides the fact that Fowler is literally living out my fantasy life (jetsetting all across the world? Being effortlessly stunning? PLAYING BOARD GAMES WITH HARRY STYLES? Check, check, and check) she's also living her best life as well. Check out 10 facts about the model — and Styles' rumored girlfriend — below.

1. She's A Victoria's Secret Model

Naturally. *steals her eyes* *becomes her*

2. She's From New Zealand

Though she primarily lives in New York now, according to the New Zealand Herald. Check out her accent in the Scrabble vid.

3. She's 23

21-year-old Styles always did like the ~older women~.

4. She Obviously Likes Board Games

And is crazy competitive about them (just watch the video above)! Basically, minus her goddess-like nature, stunning good looks, and ability to sit across from Bathrobe Harry Styles and not lose her mind, she is me.

5. She Vacations With Harry Styles

Lucky, lucky woman. Psst: See the 1D singer at the tail end of the video.

6. She's Friends With Taylor Swift Bestie Karlie Kloss

This makes sense since they are both Victoria's Secret models. (This is me struggling not to make any reference to Haylor.)

7. She Had A Serious Boyfriend

I would presume that Fowler and this hunk are no longer together — unless, of course, she and Harry Styles are just friends. Or that's their arrangement! Whatever makes 'em happy, I say. (And playing Scrabble with Harry Styles is one thing that would definitely make me happy.)

8. And Previously Denied Dating Harry Styles

At least, according to the New Zealand Herald, a paper that notes her claims were because she had a boyfriend at the time. Maybe now, things are different?

9. She Loves Puppies

JUST LIKE HARRY. So much in common.

10. And She Travels A Hell Of A Lot

Seriously, just one look at Fowler's Twitter account has her all over the map. The jealousy is legit, my friends.

Image: Giphy (2)