The Real Meaning Behind 1D's "Night Changes"

by Rachel Semigran

Sometimes you wake up on any given day and think, "Hey, today is OK. Things can't get much better from here." Then One Direction goes and releases a "Night Changes" music video and your day actually gets exponentially better. It's not just masterfully coiffed heads, smooth voices, and bumbly vintage Hugh Grant charm that's the joy of the video here — it's the intentional and completely unintentional humor of the ridiculous clip. In "Night Changes," we, the lucky viewer, goes on a different, special date with all of the fellas from One Direction. Are you a fancy spaghetti kind of woman? Zayn's got you covered. In the mood for a bit of ice skating? Harry all the way. Or maybe you'd prefer a night in with some board games and a pitcher of Pimm's with Niall. If that's not enough you can cruise through Hyde Park with Louis and end the night at a carnival with Liam.

The hilarity doesn't simply come from the disastrous hijinx at the end of each date — but it's what's going on behind the camera. "OK, Harry, now pretend like you're asking the girl to twirl with you... Zayn, feed the camera the spaghetti." It's absolutely ludicrous and I couldn't love it more. Actually I COULD love it more if I only knew what the boys were saying on-camera. But wonder I shall no more! I think I have a pretty good idea what the guys were REALLY saying on all of those painfully dreamy dates. Take a look:

Fancy Spaghetti With Zayn

"I've never met this man in my life. How did we end up in the kitchen?"

"Here's to me."

"This tastes as gross as it looks. Here, you eat it."

"I deserved this."

Ice Skating With Harry

"If you mess up my salchow, I will end you."

"This title means everything to me SERIOUSLY DO NOT MESS THIS UP. Love you, baby!"


"I told you toes out, TOES OUT!"

A Night in With Niall

"I am more scared of you than you are of me."

"Yes, I know my hair matches the fire, that's what I was going for. Thanks for noticing."

"This is how Baxter and I practice fighting against home invaders."

"You are my fire. Yeah, I'm really into the Backstreet Boys."

Riding With Louis

"I'm going to drive this into a lake!"

"Don't move. the pigeons are like T-Rex, they can't see you if you're still."

"I always love that moment in my day where I feel like I'm in Terminator 2, don't you?"

"What do you mean you didn't notice this jacket was Burberry?"

Carnival Rides With Liam

"I'm going to puke this up later. Guaranteed."

"Here, take my scarf, this way I won't puke on it later."

"I know, it's so sad I'm going to puke on this bear."


See the whole beautiful insanity here:

Images: OneDirectionVEVO/YouTube (20)