'The Bachelor' Is Gonna Be Super Dramatic

If you were worried that new Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis's cool exterior would mean less drama in upcoming season 18 of The Bachelo r, good news: You were completely and totally wrong. Turns out, there's going to be way more than enough drama to go around, if this Bachelor sneak peek with Juan is any indication. In it, we meet all of the lovely (?) ladies vying for the heart of a man they've just met five seconds ago, while said man sits back and lets them fight to the death over him like something out of a nature special on the Discovery Channel. For this scene, one of the girls is to be awarded a "first impression" rose by Juan himself, but some of the women are finding it difficult to get some face-to-face time with Juan since other women are swooping in first.

This causes some drama, of course, particularly with Lauren H., whose love life has apparently "sucked," so of course she deserves the rose more than anyone else. There's probably a lot to be said about the message that having 27 women fighting over one man sends to viewers, but reality TV wasn't ever meant to make us think, right?You can check out the promo below. Season 18 of The Bachelor with Juan will premiere on Jan. 6, on ABC. For the promo, head over to Wetpaint.