Meet the Puppy Bowl Competitors & Let the Cuteness Warm Your Cold, Cold Heart

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For fans of things that are adorable, precious, and all-around joy inducing, Animal Planet’s answer to the Super Bowl, The Puppy Bowl , is the greatest sporting event to ever take place. Probably because puppies are the most ingenious animal to have ever evolved. And greater than Justin Bieber's new puppy, that puppy that starred alongside James Wolk, and the Cava-Poo-Chon (whatever the heck that is), is watching puppies doing things that adult humans do. And with that other sporting event approaching, it seems only fair to highlight the annual alternative.

Considering the Puppy Bowl is now in double digits — 2014 will be its tenth year — the stops have all been pulled and the menagerie of cutemania has added a Keyboard Cat, a Lil Bub and even a few penguins to the action. Hold onto your butts (and hearts), fair Internet: because we’ve got a crapton of cute to hand out. So much so that we’ve put it in an easy-to-digest slideshow form, so you can get to know the faces and paws of this year’s competitors.

Images: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet

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