10 Surefire Ways To Stay Warm This Week, Cause You're Gonna Need It

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If you happen to live in the Midwest or the Northeast, this week is bound to make you miserable. Even if you’re someone who loves the cold, as I do, you have to admit that this sort of weather is really pushing it. Temperatures from Chicago to New York and Boston are in the low 20’s, with the promise of dropping into the teens and even single digits at night as Snowstorm Hercules (that's right, Hercules) muscles its way into the region. Whether you’re inside or outside, trying to keep warm this week is going to be a difficult task. Honestly, it’s going to be awful.

Have I sufficiently prepared you for the misery that’s coming your way? Because I love you, here’s a rundown of 10 of the most important things you can do to keep cozy this week.

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