10 Surefire Ways To Stay Warm This Week, Cause You're Gonna Need It

If you happen to live in the Midwest or the Northeast, this week is bound to make you miserable. Even if you’re someone who loves the cold, as I do, you have to admit that this sort of weather is really pushing it. Temperatures from Chicago to New York and Boston are in the low 20’s, with the promise of dropping into the teens and even single digits at night as Snowstorm Hercules (that's right, Hercules) muscles its way into the region. Whether you’re inside or outside, trying to keep warm this week is going to be a difficult task. Honestly, it’s going to be awful.

Have I sufficiently prepared you for the misery that’s coming your way? Because I love you, here’s a rundown of 10 of the most important things you can do to keep cozy this week.


It may seem odd that something so soft and cuddly would be warmer than lamb’s wool, but it is — by a factor of eight. If you haven’t invested in some cashmere pieces yet, then I suggest you hit up the last of the post-Christmas sales and score some now.

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Furry friends

If you’re lucky enough to stay home during this weather, then nothing says cozy like cuddling with your pet. Just think about all that body heat your 60-pound Golden Retriever can supply you as he sprawls out on you as if you’re his own private mattress.

Image: rkleine/Flickr

Hot beverages

Cold air outside and the heat that’s being torqued up inside does a number on your skin. If you’re going to fight the winter and keep your skin intact, you need to hydrate and, because it’s so damn cold, you need to hydrate with hot drinks. Whether your poison is mulled wine or hot tea with honey, drink up, baby; it’s cold outside.

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Proper boots

If you’re unfortunate enough that you have to traipse through the snow this week (New Yorkers, I’m looking at you), it’s really important to wear proper boots. Make sure yours are waterproof and lined with something cozy. Shearling-lined boots are your best friend this time of year, whether or not there’s snow on the ground. If your feet are cold and wet, you’re doomed.

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Keep your head warm

I know you already know this, but let’s recap: your noggin is the number one place on your body where you lose heat. What does this mean? Wear a damn hat! Screw hat head! Do you wanna freeze or look like a glamour queen? This time of year, I even wear a hat inside.

Stay away from caffeine

Wonder why coffee wasn’t on the hot beverage list? That’s because it lies! Coffee may make you feel warm at first, but caffeine actually makes your body lose heat — and you can’t afford to give any up right now.

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Layers. Layers. Layers.

Simple math on this one: layers equal warmth. Even if you’re rocking a cashmere sweater and wool coat to, bring on the layers underneath too. You can always remove them over the day should you get too toasty and start sweating like a banshee.

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That’s right! Eat! Load up on hearty foods like stews, soups, and oatmeal. They’re not only filling enough to keep your belly happy, but nothing says cozy like a bowl of hot goodness.

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Don’t you roll your eyes at me! Working out when it’s cold provides two essential services that you’ll be grateful for later: 1. It gets your blood pumping which warms up your skin, and 2. With all those endorphins being released, it will help you have a better outlook on the cold situation in which you are currently trapped. Sorry, but you are trapped.

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Have sex

This one is just too obvious, that there’s no need for an explanation.