When Will One Direction's "Perfect" Be On Spotify? 1D Fans Are Going To Be Very Happy — LISTEN

In the wake of Zayn Malik's departure, One Direction has had no shortage of inspiration. The band released notorious diss track "Drag Me Down" earlier this summer, followed by "Infinity," and now the latest track "Perfect" has finally arrived. It's the latest in a series of tracks leading up to the release of the band's fifth LP, Made in the A.M., and it's long-awaited after a string of tantalizing teasers. The track reverts from the upbeat songs we've heard recently to a more downplayed One Direction, but trademark 1D nevertheless. And, while the debut weekend of One Direction's previous album Four boasted sales that were second only to the release of Taylor Swift's 1989 last year, we all know that Spotify is still our go-to for new releases. So will "Perfect" be available on Spotify?

Good news, 1D fans. "Perfect" is available on Spotify now, as well as other streaming sites, and, of course, available for download on iTunes. So get thee to a computer post-haste and soak in the dulcet crooning tones of Harry Styles telling you that you're perfect and meant to be together. Maybe, just maybe, if you loop it on repeat enough times, you might start to believe it. (Or is that just me?) In any case, it's kind of like the spiritual, ballad-influenced successor to "What Makes You Beautiful," and there is absolutely no problem with that.

One Direction started teasing the song on Wednesday, releasing another little excerpt Thursday prior to the Friday release. They've built up a lot of hype around this song, and it does not disappoint. But there's still just under a month to go before Made in the A.M. drops (it's slated for a November 13 release date), so "Perfect" will have to suffice for your One Direction fix for a little while still.

"Perfect" gives us a lot to analyze, and it's not just a straightforward empowering crooner. U.K. paper The Sun reported that the song is actually about Taylor Swift (Styles co-wrote it, and as Teen Vogue noted, it bears some similarities to "Style," Swift's song that's widely believed to be about... Styles). Lyrics like "I might never be your knight in shining armor" sound an awful lot like an apology, but, without a statement from the band, I suppose we'll never know exactly what he means. (Sounds a lot like Taylor Swift's tendency to remain quite tight-lipped over her musical inspirations — though we can hypothesize all we want over which particular ex she's lamenting, it's all speculation.)

Check out the track via Spotify below, and get ready to rock out.