One Direction Teases "Perfect" Single With 2 Previews, But What Is The Song About?

Who is ready for a new One Direction single? If the answer isn't all of you, then some of you are lying. As weird as it is to say, I think One Direction might actually be even more popular since Zayn Malik left the band in March 2015 than they ever have been before — mostly because even people who weren't into the band before are curious about how the band is going to sound, and how the band intends to carry on, without one of their "brothers." And, quite honestly, One Direction has totally been killing it with the singles that they have released from their upcoming album Made In The A.M. Now, One Direction has released two "Perfect" teasers for the single that is set to be released on Friday, Oct. 15, and I will spare you the puns about how perfect it is.

The song appears to be a slow ballad, which we all know they can do very well, and we only receive a brief glimpse of the lyrics — one that appears to be taken from one of the verses and one that appears to be taken from the chorus itself. The first teaser, which was released on Wednesday, teases the slightly fast-paced chorus, in which the band sings, "If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about, baby, you're perfect. Baby, you're perfect. Let's start right now." So this is a song about... reaching your dreams? Inspirational and romantic with just a hint of swoon-worthy encouragement?

Check, check, and check. The next teaser came from Capital F.M., the Twitter of the radio station that will be debuting the single on Friday. This one was even shorter than the first, with a slow tease of a verse, "Did it feel like cameras flashing every time we go out? Oh yeah." Which, honestly, when combined with the other verse, completely destroys what I thought this song was about, leaving me to go back to square one with this. Are they singing about their fans? Are they singing about a high-profile relationship? Are they singing about how every relationship they are ever in is technically a high-profile relationship?

I need the full lyrics to this song in my hands right now so I can begin dissecting exactly what One Direction is trying to tell me with this, but, for now, I suppose the teasers will have to do. From the sounds of it, this song is going to be another one of those hits that have their fans swaying from side to side and tearing up as they sing along with the lyrics. (I'm looking at you, "You & I" and "Story Of My Life.") Get your Kleenex ready for Friday and, until then, listen to these two teasers on repeat and try to work out exactly what to expect from this song.