6 Halloween Decorations To Scare Your Neighbors

It's fun to dress up in costume for Halloween, but when it comes to ghoulish getups, don't forget about your home as well! Pumpkins are great and scarecrows are spooky, but these cheap Halloween decorations are exactly what you need to really creep out eager trick-or-treaters (and your neighbors, for that matter!). Hometalk has compiled six super simple Halloween DIY projects that will instantly add a festive punch to your home, without totally breaking your budget — which is a Halloween dream come true if you think about it, because saving money on decor means you have more to spend on candy, right? From floating ghosts and grinning books to creepy tombstones and concrete pumpkins, here is everything you need to get spectacularly spooky and creative this year. Happy Halloween!

It’s tough to say whether Halloween or Christmas wins the "best dressed" holiday award, but Halloween definitely might be the most fun holiday for DIY decorations. With a little imagination and a lot of repurposing, there are tons of ways to get creative and creepy on a budget. If you need any more convincing, just look at these Hometalk bloggers, who know just how to give you the creeps on the cheap!

1. Concrete Jack-O'-Lanterns

Project via Diana @Diana’s DIY Den

Use some of those plastic pumpkin candy buckets as molds for concrete pumpkins to decorate your outdoor areas. These thrifty guys will last from year to year, and they’re the perfect addition to your front porch or flower bed. (See tutorial here.)

2. Bright Archway From Plastic Pumpkin Buckets

Project via Vanessa @Tried & True

Stock up on cheap pumpkin buckets from your local Dollar Store to make this elegant Halloween archway that will brighten up your yard, impress your neighbors, and spook trick-or-treaters. (See tutorial here.)

3. Old Book With A Ghoulish Grin

Project via Katrina

Grab an old hardcover book from your basement, and use a sharp knife to cut out a ghoulish face full of creepy character. It’s a bit of work, but the frightened gasps will make it so worth it! (See tutorial here.)

4. Easy Floating Ghosts

Project via Jessi @Practically Functional

Create ghostly lawn ornaments that are sure to creep out passers-by and add some chilling charm to your home. Add to the effect by hiding your ghosts behind trees, or arrange them so they're peeking out from between bushes! (Get directions here.)

5. Candy Corn Wreath From Coffee Filters

Project via Kelly @Typically Simple

Dye a pack of coffee filters in candy corn colors for this deliciously bright wreath that will welcome trick-or-treaters to your door. It's easy to make and fun to look at — but don't eat it! (Get directions here.)

6. 10-Minute Concrete Tomb Stones

Project via Jenise @DIY Fun Ideas

Turn your lawn into a haunted graveyard in minutes with this clever concrete tombstone idea. It only takes 10 minutes to seriously creep out your neighbors, and all you need is inexpensive quick-setting concrete! (Get directions here.)

Pack your home and garden with even more creepy decor ideas, with inspiration from our Halloween Decorations on Hometalk!