3 Beyonce Halloween Costumes Inspired By Her Best Videos — PHOTOS

You know what they say: "Always be yourself, unless you can be Beyonce. Then always be Beyonce." Sadly, though, there is only one true Queen B... except on October 31. This is the sacred day on which we can all live out our wildest fantasies and embrace our inner superstars by recreating Beyonce's best music video costumes for Halloween.

I mean, when you think about it, why on earth would you be anything else when there are so many Beyonce music videos to choose for costume inspiration? Granted, she's a little averse to pants on camera, but hey, if I had her boss attitude, I'd never wear pants either. Who needs 'em? After all, Halloween should be a no judgement day (well, every day should be a no judgement day, for that matter.)

If you want to wear a Beyonce costume with no pants, more power to you! It's more authentic, right? And if you are into the pants, as I am, break out those old black Soffe shorts, or even toss on a pair of nude tights or two. (A good idea either way if it's chilly.)

Black Soffe shorts, $8, Amazon

Here are three of Beyonce's most Halloween costume-worthy videos (pants optional.)

7/11 Beyoncé

Start with a navy blue Kale sweatshirt (totally re-wearable, IMO):

Kale Sweatshirt, $25-$28, Amazon

And then throw on a pair of Nike knee pads:

Nike Streak, $25, Nike

Go for undies if you're feeling bold, but if not, opt for those aforementioned shorts.

Beyoncé on YouTube

Single Ladies Beyoncé

Got an old dance leotard? Great. If not, snag one:

Women's Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $6, ebay

And slip on a pair of sky-high black platform heels:

Black Ankle Strap High Heel Pumps, $25, shein

Got a big fake ring to add? Even better.

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

***Flawless Beyoncé

For starters, is there really any other type besides ***Flawless Beyonce? Even in a red plaid flannel:

Natural Reflections Flannel Shirt, $25, basspro

And denim cutoffs:

Blue Ripped Fringe Denim, $16, yoyomelody

Wear a bold gold choker necklace around the shirt collar:

Hexagon Status Link Necklace, $27, Express

And a pair of fierce black lace up heeled booties:

Lace-Up Platform Chunky Heel Booties, $46, Charlotte Russe

Honestly, this one's probably your warmest option.

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

I highly recommend you learn the dance to whichever video you decide on, too — you know someone is going to ask!

Images: Giphy.com; Courtesy of brands