This Isn't Your Ordinary Fashion School Program

Looking to get an education in fashion, but don't have access to the industry's leading universities and cities? Problem solved: Mastered is an online fashion program that allows people to remotely receive an education in fashion, led by some of the industry's main trailblazers, like fashion photographer Nick Knight, SHOWStudio's director.

Online classes have always presented themselves as a good opportunity for those looking to obtain an education, but don't quite have a set schedule or the means to be at a certain location. We see ads everywhere — from the subway, to commercials on television, to ads on websites. But when online classes come to mind, I tend to think of degrees in teaching, maybe social psychology, or even business or nursing. But never fashion.

For fashion, you want the best of the best. The pool of experts seem to be smaller. So it only makes sense that Mastered chose the cream of the crop to teach their courses. This program actually launched last year, but we're learning about some of next year's most exciting programs, like Business of Fashion's editor at large Tim Blanks' writing course. Who better to learn fashion writing from than one of fashion's biggest publication's editor at large? It's a pretty big deal.

The courses span three months, and starting this month, Knight, who has worked with Kanye West and Alexander McQueen, will be guiding aspiring photographers in his course, according to Complex. Virgil Abloh, the designer behind Pyrex Vision, will teach a course on streetwear. Pretty cool, right?

As online classes are only becoming more popular, it's no surprise that fashion is making its mark. The next time you're looking to pick up a new course, you might want to consider Mastered. Students spend around three to five hours a week studying. According to Mastered, "Every program is led by a brilliant and influential expert, and everything we teach is industry-relevant. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn directly from an individual at the very top of their profession, with an unrivaled level of skill, reputation, international status and insider knowledge."