Why Jessica Alba Blames The '90s For Her Brows

Jessica Alba is just one of those women you look at and just think to yourself, "how?" But despite being an absolute knockout inside and out, she's got some of her own insecurities. According to People, Jessica Alba blames the '90s (and the 2000s) for her brows, claiming she's been working to get them back to the thicker side ever since. We can't blame you, girl, we've all been through it.

"I, for sure, in the 2000s was still guilty of just making them as skinny as humanly possible," she told People. Amen to that. Unfortunately, I was alive and also thriving during the time of the skinny eyebrow trend. I religiously plucked them every time I saw even just a trace of a straggler. They had to be stick-thin at all times — that was my aesthetic. Cringing as I write this. At least I know I wasn't alone.

As the trend for on-fleek brows continues, Alba definitely focuses on her brows the most. "Right now I’m really into the brows. I feel like you can have nothing else on your face but a little concealer here and there and a strong brow," said Alba. To me, she's always got a pair of on fleek brows, but apparently, she works hard to make sure they're full and thick! "I’m always envious of girls who have [ones] that aren’t overplucked because the '90s just ruined my brows," she told People.

Here's a photo of Alba from the 2000s.

Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Such. Skinny. Brows. It's no wonder she's all about them now! However, I couldn't agree with her more. On days when I've got less than five minutes to get my face together, filling in my brows is my first priority. While I usually go for a little blush as well, the brows are imperative.

Here's another #TBT of Jess. Honestly, she's still so gorgeous with stick-thin brows!

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In case you went a little tweeze-happy like Alba, here are six ways to avoid pencil-thin brows and get those beautiful bushels growing again.

1. Try A Serum

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced, $38,

Eyebrow serums essentially condition your brows and stop them from breaking. Peptides, vitamins, and botanical extracts all marry in this amazing serum, maintaining brow fullness and shape, according to

2. Tint Your Brows

Tinting your brows might sound a little bit intense, but it's not scary at all! Brow tinting uses a dye, which makes the brows appear fuller. Don't try this at home, though — it's best to find a brow specialist that knows what they're doing. This works best for people that are already happy about the shape of their brows, and just want a little more depth. According to Bustle's Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor, Kara McGrath, brow tinting is totally worth it.

3. Use A Powder

Urban Decay Brow Box, $30,

Arguably the easiest way to fill in your brows, the powder is the most common method, and for good reason. You can really control how thick or subtle you want your eyebrow to be. While it isn't as permanent as say, tinting, it's a great alternative for commitment-phobes. While you'll find literally hundreds of eyebrow powders out there, my favorite happens to be this one, which comes with everything you need, including mini tweezers and brushes, along with the powder colors.

4. Set Them With A Brow Gel

Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel, $19,

Once you've got the desired thickness you want, you have to set them in place, duh! Best way to do this? Use a brow gel. We've all accidentally wiped off our brows mid-scratch, or had one of those looooooong nights. This trusty gel will make sure those babies stay in place.

5. Take Vitamins

Nature Made Vitamin E, $10.99-19.69,

There's a reason your mother always told you to take them! Vitamin E will not only help your eyebrows grow faster, it'll also help with your eyelashes and your main mane!

6. Consider Tattooing Them


This is a method I've actually seen several of my family members go with. Relax — Eyebrow tattooing is usually semi-permanent, and lasts about two years. They actually end up looking pretty natural! Say goodbye to your powders, pencils, serums, and all, and wake up with fleeked out eyebrows 24/7. Still on the fence? Allure's got a pretty personal take that'll walk you through it.

Recently reformed over-pluckers, don't fret. We're here for you. Consider us your support group. There's still hope for your brows!

Images: Kara McGrath; Sephora, Ulta, Target