Kobe Bryant Asks Lamar Odom Fans To Pray & Makes A Great Point About "Insensitive" Comments

Breaking his silence Thursday, Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant asked Lamar Odom fans to pray while also blasting those who criticized his support for his friend and former teammate. Odom was found unconscious Tuesday at a legal brothel in Crystal, Nevada, after a reported drug-fueled binge and has since remained in coma at a Las Vegas hospital. With the hashtag #justpray, Bryant posted a note on Twitter that targeted "insensitive" comments, particularly those that questioned the outpour of love that has come Odom's way. (Emphasis is his.)

When WE feel the need to question the support of others in moments as critical as a life hanging in the balance, then we must question the kind of culture we have created that has led US to such insensitive suspicion.

Some have interpreted the tweet to be in direct response to veteran rapper Master P, who called Bryant a "phony" to TMZ hours before the message was posted. Claiming Bryant's support was just for public show, Master P told TMZ the Lakers star knew Odom wanted to rejoin the NBA yet did nothing to help him get signed with his team. Bryant was seen leaving in the middle of his preseason game and arriving at Odom's hospital hours after he was hospitalized.

For the past few years, Odom has been the target of public scrutiny, which included rampant allegations of drug addiction and depression. Since news of Odom's serious status first broke, there have been a lot of words thrown on both sides of Twitter. Some have chosen to make jokes, while others have blamed the public for only coming to the two-time NBA champion's side when his life took a dramatic downturn. But given everything now, what does it even matter? The only important thing now is that Odom gets better.

Whether or not the tweet is directed toward Master P, Bryant makes a keen point about the spectacle surrounding Odom's hospitalization. This is a serious situation, one that deserves sympathy, not criticism or commentary, and with a basketball star's life now in jeopardy, no other words should come to mind except those in prayer.