The One Thing To Do If You Didn't Get Any Sleep

by Lindsey Rose Black

Whether you have school, work, or play to blame, late nights where you realize the sun is suddenly coming up are more or less inevitable. Beyond drinking all the coffee, there is one thing to do in the morning if you didn't get any sleep to look more refreshed and face the day. The sole thing you really want to achieve is brightening your eyes, and below are my three quick and favorite ways to do that. You could consider the three of them "one step" options, but if you have time, going ahead and doing all three quick steps will give you the best results!

As someone with a double major in college that now juggles three jobs, I assure you, I have pulled plenty of late-nighters that required some masterful makeup the next morning. Life is short and the night is long, so I say VIVA LA ALL NIGHTERS as long as you're taking care of yourself and catching up on sleep at some point!

While I did get a few hours of sleep last night, brightening my eyes up is always my number one beauty morning strategy regardless. Please enjoy my wild hair and makeup-free #IWokeupLikeThis face in these pictures.

1. Apply Concealer

If you do one thing, let it be a touch of concealer under your eyes. Instead of just swiping, framing your nose and using dots will create better, more natural looking coverage. Your end result should look something like:

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2. Use Highlighter Shadow

If getting rid of under-eye circles isn't your biggest concern, popping a light shadow just under your brow and on the inner corners of your lids will help open your eyes up more and make you look less sleepy no matter how you feel on the inside.

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3. Swipe On Mascara

Another good solo option to look awake super fast is just a bit of mascara. Just don't smudge it when you're applying!

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Whether you have time for all three steps or just one, that's my standard morning routine (plus sunscreen!) and as you can see, it totally helps me look a little more awake, no matter how sleepy I feel on the inside.

Image Credit: Author's Own