How To Be A Kendall Jenner Zombie For Halloween

One of the joys of Halloween is making anything and everything into a zombified version of itself for the sake of a good costume. Zombified kitten? Oh yeah. A neck-biting Pam Anderson? You bet. A zombie Kendall Jenner Halloween costume? It's really hard to pass that one up. Picture this: Kendall Jenner being hounded by dozens of paparazzi in a glorious head-to-toe Balmain ensemble (hand-picked by Olivier Rousteing himself) — and then she starts breaking cameras and eating people's brains. OK, it's kind of a creepy visual, but for Halloween, it's perfect.

Kendall's style can be tough to pinpoint at times, mostly because we see her in nearly every campaign and on every billboard. Does she wear ballgowns in her spare time? Or pretty lingerie? If you're an avid Instagram stalker of hers — really, who isn't? — you'll know her taste is much more understated than most of her sisters'. She likes simple colors, wearable garments, and a bit of skin for good measure. Now take that kind of fashion sense, and add a Walking Dead vibe, and you have a costume that is both super culturally relevant and a little creepy. What could be better?

See exactly how to achieve the perfect Zombie Kardashian look, and prepare to strut down a runway — with, like, both arms extended outwards.

1. Invest In The Proper Undergarments

Alongside her billions of other campaigns, Kendall is one of the faces of Calvin Klein. Quick to share a #MyCalvins Instagram picture, follow in Jenner's footsteps with a cute matching bralette/undies set. Or at least make sure your designer panties are peaking out from your jeans.


Calvin Klein Underwear Modern Cotton Bralette and Bikini Gift Set, $44,

2. Master The Kendall Glow

Kendall's beauty look, like most off-duty models', is all about simplicity. Go for glowing skin, maintained brows, and a casual red lip. Check out the above video for a perfect Estee Lauder inspired look.


Estee Lauder Pure Envy Sculpting Lipstick, $30,

3. Rock A Middle Part

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dark, sleek, and parted in the middle. It's the Kardashian way.


Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry, $30,

4. Find The Perfect Long-Sleeve Crop

A cropped long-sleeve shirt might seem counter-intuitive to most, but since when does fashion make sense? Kendall is all about a good long-sleeve crop, whether it be of the turtleneck or button-up variety.


Nasty Gal Franki Long Sleeve Bustier, $48,

5. ... Or An Off-The-Shoulder Top

Because for Kardashians, shoulder cleavage is totally a thing.


Forever21 Plus Size Folded Off-The-Shoulder Top, $17.90,

6. Get Some Off-Duty Kicks

Don't you love a celeb who rocks sneakers on their off time? Kendall is a frequent flat-wearer, so find a clean, minimal pair that you can picture Jenner running from runway to runway in.


Unisex Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers, $75,

7. Remember To Wear White Denim

If you've learned nothing from stalking Kendall's Instagram, the girl loves a clean look. What's cleaner that some skinny white jeans?


J Brand '811' Mid-Rise Stovepipe Jeans, $172,

8. Or Opt For Some Distressed Jeans

A serious trend-setting must-have.


Forever21 Plus Size Distressed Skinny Jeans, $29.90,

9. Take Some Sunglasses Along

Rarely without a pair of aviators, Kendall uses them as evidence that she is both a jet-setter and impossibly chic.


ASOS Silver Aviator Sunglasses, $18,

10. Find A Gigi

You didn't think you could go anywhere without her, did you?

11. Zombify Yourself

Go a little crazy with the fake blood and face lesions. And don't forget to moan like Kylie just got more likes on the same exact Insta pic you just posted.


Spirit Halloween Bottle of Blood, $6.99,

Now take your zombified Jenner costume out on the town, and get stopped by street style photogs, while simultaneously scaring children. Happy Halloween!

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