How To Be A Zombie Kylie Jenner For Halloween

by Lindsey Rose Black

Regardless of how you feel about Kylie Jenner and her ridiculous amount of fame, you can't deny the girl knows how to pull off a bold look. If you're wanting to channel the youngest Jenner for Halloween, but are looking to add an extra spooky/funny touch, look no further than this zombie Kylie Jenner Halloween costume idea! Time to whip out your heels, lipstick, and, um, a hunger for human flesh?

Since Kylie Jenner changes her hair so often, I'm simply pulling one of my favorite looks of hers to use in the costume: teal washed blonde. Of course, you could leave your hair as is if it's platinum blonde since the celeb literally dyed her hair blonde on Monday to celebrate the Kardashian Cosmo cover. I also wouldn't be shocked if she swaps back to brown tomorrow so, heck, do whatever you want with your hair! Maybe opt for some of her teal extensions for an authentic, Kylie-approved look.

As for mastering Jenner's famous pout, don't be intimidated. Bustle writers have shared a totally reliable Kylie Jenner lip tutorial for thin lips that doesn't involve sucking on a shot glass. Or, you can just purchase one of Jenner's own new lip kits to get a pumped up kiss. No matter what you do, don't forget too add some duck face pouting in your IG pics!

Below is the pic I'm using as costume inspiration, but obviously pick whatever your favorite Jenner look is to rock!

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's your complete kit for a zombie Kylie Jenner Halloween costume.

1. Cream Crop Top

(Crop Top, $15.90, Zara)

Almost identical to Jenner's!

2. Mid-Length Pencil Skirt

(Mid-Length Pencil, $42, American Apparel)

A piece you can wear well after Halloween...

3. Nude Heels

(Michael Antonio Love Me Suede Pump, $29.94, dsw)

Kylie Jenner wouldn't be caught dead without a matching pair of heels.

4. Ombre Turquoise Clip-In Extensions

(Clip-Ins, $15, Etsy)

Another fun purchase worthy of rocking post-Halloween.

5. Matte Lip

(Liquid Lipstick, $20, Kat Von D)

This sexy matte color will last all night long.

6. Zombie Makeup Kit

(Zombie Makeup Kit, $5.99, Amazon)

Obviously you can't forget this to complete the look!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands