6 Criminal Couples Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Partner In Crime

Couples costumes can be a lot of things — silly, romantic, geeky — but, like most things on Halloween, the best costumes are a little scary. If you aren't into creepy masks or vampire teeth, then one of these criminal couples Halloween costumes might be just what you and your other half are looking for this Halloween.

While your other friends and their significant others are dressing up as Beyonce and Jay-Z or Kate Middleton and Prince William, you and your beau can really get into the spirit of the spooky holiday by getting a little more diabolical. You don't need full-on zombie make-up or killer clown face paint to pull off a scary costume. Instead, you just need to look to the news, history books, and pop culture for a criminal couple, either past or present, whose crime sprees are enough to give you the chills. Criminal couples costumes are easy to put together, not too predictable, and just the right amount of frightening. In other words, they are pretty much perfect.

This Halloween, take a walk on the dangerous side, hand-in-hand with your partner in crime (sorry, I had to) with one of these crime-inspired couples costumes — just make sure you don't get arrested yourself.

1. Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow

What happens when a nice young girl meets a bad boy? In the case of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, true love, a crime spree across the Central United States, and a deadly shootout in the desert. In your case, you got some great inspiration for a Halloween costume out of it.

If you saw the 1967 film starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty based off the real-life crimes of Bonnie and Clyde, then you have a good idea of where to start. Like a lot of the costumes on this list, Clyde's outfit consists of a suit, but make sure to add a 1930s-style fedora ($27.50, Zappos). For Bonnie's look, you'll need a knee-length skirt ($21.50, ASOS), a full coverage blouse, and a beret ($24, American Apparel).

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2. Richard Loeb And Nathan Leopold

In their late teens and early 20s, Chicago natives Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, who casually knew one another growing up, bonded while at the University of Chicago, but it wasn't over their heavy workload or their love for academics. The two became close because of their love of crime, and after some small-time criminal activity, the two men (who believed they were like Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of supermen and above the law) went on to murder a young man, Bobby Franks. Both Loeb and Leopold were caught and sentenced to life in prison.

Superhero Cape, $27, Amazon

Leopold and Loeb were active in the 1920s, so to pull of their look, you'll need to look dapper. Try a suit, including a vest, and add either a tie or a bow tie to finish the look. To get your point across, you can also add some Superman-branded items (like this cape from Amazon). All your smart friends will understand, at least.

Image: Polyvore

3. Cookie And Lucious Lyon

While they are a fictional (ex) couple, Cookie and Lucious Lyon of Empire are one badass criminal couple. As the ads that constantly play on my Hulu confirm, Lucious and Cookie are original gangsters. Now, here is how to pull of their look.

Herringbone Fedora, $18, JCPenney; Gold Earrings, $7, Claire's

To get the Lucious look, you'll need a suit, a button down shirt, and a fedora. It's a simple outfit, but will get the point across as long as you're alongside your lady. Cookie's outfit is a lot more fun, but equally easy to put together. You'll want an animal printed dress from Charlotte Russe, a fur coat or vest, and some serious gold bling.

Image: Polyvore

4. Thelma And Louise

Though not an actual couple, can you think of any better women to be for Halloween than Thelma and Louise? They set out on a two day road trip, which turned into a crime spree that ended with them driving off a cliff. Hey, at least they were in it together.

Cowboy Hat, $15, Amazon

Thelma & Louise came out in 1991, and took place around the Southwestern U.S., and the clothes the two badass ladies wore looked the part. For both outfits, start with basic bootcut jeans, and pair them with a basic white tank top and a black printed tank top from Forever 21. Add a cowboy hat and a head scarf — just be sure to drive safely!

Image: Polyvore

5. The Lonely Hearts Killers

Between 1947 and 1949, it is believed that Raymond Fernandez and Martha Jule Beck, otherwise known as "The Lonely Hearts Killers," were responsible for the murder of 20 women. How did they do it? They lured women to them through a newspaper ad, otherwise know as the lonely hearts ad.

To dress as the Lonely Hearts Killers, you'll want to think of 1940s attire. For Martha Jule Beck's outfit, dark stockings and a knee-length dress is ideal (ModCloth). Raymond Fernandez's outfit consists of (surprise!) a suit, and that's about it. For a finishing touch, get broken heart necklaces (like the ones you used to have with your BFF), and carry around the want ads. Then, your outfits are truly complete.

Image: Polyvore

6. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

Not technically a couple, Butch Cassidy (Robert Leroy Parker) and the Sundance Kid (Harry Alonzo Longabaugh) are two of the most infamous outlaws in American history. Members of the Wild Bunch Gang, the duo robbed banks and trains regularly before fleeing the country, alongside Longabaugh's girlfriend. Several movies, including one starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, have been made depicting these partners in crime, and now, your Halloween costume can depict it, too.

To get the look of both Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, you will want a three piece suit, but it doesn't stop there. When it comes to these criminals, it's all about the accessories. Your options include a bowler hat (Nasty Gal) and a pocket watch, but don't be afraid to get creative.

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