Britney Spears' Iconic Denim Dress Halloween Costume Is The Most Unique Way To Celebrate Brit Brit

I think I speak for many girls who grew up in the early aughts when I say Britney Spears absolutely defined pop culture in 2001. Between her bestselling Britney album, her wild MTV VMAs performance with the python, and her fearless fashion, she was on fire. Now that she has developed into the huge force she is today, even the misses she made back in the day are now iconic. Which is why they would make for great costume material. Yes, I'm talking about the infamous denim dress Britney Spears wore is 2001, as your Halloween costume. Trust me, this is a great idea.

Think about it. The pop star's denim dress will be instantly recognizable. It is pretty hard to forget about a dress like that, even after many years have passed. We all know Spears herself hasn't, especially since fellow pop star Katy Perry has gone and recreated the look for another awards show. So people will definitely know who you are. But you will also get props for such a unique choice. After all, countless people have recreated Spears' looks for Halloween. She's the go-to inspiration for her bold styles, but you can bet you will be the only one rocking her denim look. Here's how to pull it off without blowing as much moolah as Spears probably (definitely) did for hers:

First, The Full Dress Itself


The Hair

First thing's first. If you want to go as Britney circa 2001, you have to have the hair on point. Which means it has to be blonde, wavy, and flawless, like this wig on Amazon.

LDE Wavy Blonde Wig, $15, Amazon

This sultry wig, also sold on Amazon for $29, is another great option for your luscious locks of the evening.

Shoulder Length Blonde Wig, $29, Amazon


I know, I know. No one was looking at Spears' jewelry that evening. But that doesn't mean it wasn't there. She rocked a pretty thick choker necklace chock-full of gems. So if you want to go all out, you have to get a shimmery string of rocks yourself, like this one at Etsy for $22.95.

Rhinestone Necklace, $22.95, Etsy

The Purse

Shoot for a denim hand bag that is simple in design, small, and easy to hold in your hand, like this one from Etsy for $28 (update: sold out).

This one, also available at Etsy, for just $5 is also a good option (update: sold out).

The Dress

While you unfortunately will not be able to find exact replicas of the Spears dress, you can put together a pretty swell copycat style for yourself. Start off with a strapless denim top, like this tube top sold at Amazon for $19.97 (update: sold out).

See similar: Superbaby Denim Tube Top, $12, Amazon

There's also this corset cami top, also sold at Amazon, for $15.50 (update: sold out).

And when it comes to the bottom portion of the dress, it is really up to you how creative you want to be. Certainly there are less expensive long denim patchwork skirts out there you can purchase, like this one at Etsy for $35.03.

There's also this boho-style look on Etsy for $48.

Boho Denim Skirt, $38 (Was $48), Etsy

But maybe you're a whiz with the sewing machine. Or fabric glue. Or DIY fashion in general. If so, pick up a plain dark denim skirt, like this one on Amazon for $24.99-$29.99.

Amerimark Denim Skirt, $24.99, Amazon

Then, pick up a lighter denim skirt, like this one on Amazon for $19.99 (update: sold out). Then grab your sewing machine, your scissors, and your other design supplies and have at it! Also, you are braver than I am.

See similar: City in Left Long Light Blue Skirt, $28, Amazon

So, now you have your dress! Wa-lah! No matter how you got there, don't forget to wrap the whole thing up with a silver waist chain, like this one on Amazon for $19.99. It's essential.

TFJ Fashion Chain Belt, $20, Amazon

Good luck and happy shopping!

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Images: LUCY NICHOLSON/ Stringer/GETTY IMAGES; Amazon (7); Etsy (5)