22 '90s Britney Outfits That'd Still Be Cool Today

by Chelsea Mize

Britney Spears is a goddess that walks among us mortals. Britney Spears has been a mainstay in popular culture for basically our whole lives and she has undoubtedly made an impact on our hearts, minds, and our wardrobes. What's that, you say? Britney Spears as a fashion inspiration? No way! But bear with me for a moment. Although Britney may have made some questionable fashion choices back in the day, there were several moments when the '90s Britney Spears wore outfits that'd still be cool today.

Now let's keep in mind that this is the '90s (and let's be real, the early '00s) that we're talking about here. The fashion then was weird. I'm not saying that you will want to go out and replicate these outfits exactly. However, there are elements from these outfits that can be translated into contemporary style.

Whoever it was that said "what goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around" was right, especially when it comes to fashion. The past few years has shown us that the grungy '90s look we all knew and loved is finally making a comeback to cool. So soak in these 22 fabulous Britney Spears looks that will inspire you to embrace the fashion of your childhood.

1. Britney Spears, Crop Top O.G.

Britney Spears, to this day, is probably the main inspiration behind your mother's hatred of crop tops.

2. Elegant In White


Though this isn't technically '90s fashion, we all know the line between '90s and early '00s pop culture is a very thin one. This white dress that Britney wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards is worth blurring that line because this dress is a simple, elegant choice for Britney (and honestly, I'm just glad she's wearing a dress and not tie-up jeans).

3. Jumpsuits 4 Dayz


This one probably inspired thousands of Wet Seal knockoffs but good for Britney for encouraging us to experiment with jumpsuits.

4. THAT Denim Dress


The denim suits heard 'round the world. JT and Brit were the innovators of denim on denim.

5. Leather Up

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This outfit would still be totally cool if you were trying to find yourself a sugar daddy in Hell's Angels. What's not to love? Leather? Check. Plunging neckline? Check. Mesh gloves? Check. Choker necklace? Check.

Seriously though, this outfit takes me back to my personal favorite leather daddy. I wonder if Tobias was as inspired by this look as I am.

6. "...Baby One More Time" Schoolgirl Outfit

Can't you just see an outfit almost identical to this hanging up on the shelves of an American Apparel?

7. Grungy Plaid

Britney inspires me to find both a killer plaid button-up and a man that looks like that to steal said button-up from.

8. Britney And The Graphic Tee

Though the fonts may have evolved, the popularity of the graphic tee has endured the test of time. #DumpHim

9. Two Piece Sets


There's nothing like a killer top and skirt combo to kick off your day (or tennis match) in just the right way.

10. Neutrals


Though the shoes and fabric are a bit outdated, the shape is good and this is a very flattering look on Brit.

11. Crop + Skirt + Denim Jacket


An updated look of this Britney classic would be perfect in your summer wardrobe.

12. Lace That Leaves Little To The Imagination


Though this one might be a touch over the top, Britney was ahead of the game with the see-through lace top/visible bra combo.

13. Color Explorations


Inspiring you to take risks with color and wear bras as shirts since '01.

14. Slip Dress


This is definitely one of the least offensive Justin and Britney outfits out there (and that's saying something because check out what Justin's got on).

15. The Edgy Black Crop Top

Gabe Palacio/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Say what you will but I think this long-sleeved crop wouldn't look too shabby with a well-tailored high-waisted skirt.

16. A Simple Pop Of Color


Though her hair is the stuff of '90s prom-themed nightmares, her simple red dress is the perfect choice for accentuating Britney's figure.

17. Britney Goes Boho

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This look on Britney really isn't bad at all. Perfect for an outdoor concert or music festival.

18. Anticipating the Overalls Comeback

You go, girl.

19. That Titans Crop Top Doe

Most definitely purchased from the children's section of a Tennessee Titans memorabilia store.

20. Henley Crop Top

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I bet Free People makes a rather overpriced version of this very top.

21. Grungy Jacket

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Also to be found at Free People for the half the price of your rent.

22. Chic In Black


Britney looks stunning in this edgy black number.

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