11 'Bachelor' Contestants You Need To Follow On Instagram, STAT

Reality TV show stars always make for intriguing and fun people to follow on social media because they're famous enough, but not so famous that they have PR people posting for them or advising them not to share certain photographs that will kill their careers. As a result, you get to see half a million salacious photos of Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe canoodling with Shawn Booth and Chris Soules professing his love for his cattle. Why wouldn't you follow as many reality stars as possible, knowing all that?

Long after their popularity fades, former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants get a chance to show you a side of themselves that may have been edited out of the show — with the help of their Instagram accounts. Some boast mighty fine photography skills, while others score points for being unabashedly willing to share every detail of their lives. And others are simply entertaining as hell because you never know which random celeb they're going to meet at a party and coax into a selfie or where they're going to point their cameras (which seem to have a mind of their own) next.

To get you started on your new IG obsession with Bachelor stars, here are 11 contestants you should start following today.

1. Chris Soules

I realize many people are going to say they'd be happy if they never had to hear Chris Soules' name again, but trust me, you're missing out on the opportunity to be constantly surprised at what the Iowan farmer posts. From photos of frozen broccoli, to a selfie with Martha Stewart, to truly stunning landscape photos of life on the farm, Soules' Instagram is a delightful hodgepodge of WTF.

2. Andi Dorfman

Well, well, well, someone is living a posh lifestyle in New York City and you aren't going to want to miss a second of it. Andi Dorfman documents her fabulous life in the Big Apple, which includes trips to New York Fashion Week, many impressive dinners out and in, and plenty of cool, urban landscape snaps.

3. Ali Fedotowsky

Fashion lovers: Ali Fedotowsky's IG is for you. The blonde Bachelorette alum is on to greener pastures after her reality show stint and doesn't use her feed to promote images from the good ole days. Instead, she models fashions that she features on her blog, as well as the occasional adorable photo with her fiancé and friends. It doesn't hurt that she has great taste.

4. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Look, there are days when I don't want to see another photo of Kaitlyn Bristowe or Shawn Booth, either. But I have to deal with the reality of the situation: these lovebirds aren't going anywhere and the world is just going to have to learn to accept their PDA and acknowledge that they are the most in-love people on the planet of Earth. With that said, her pics are pretty cute.

5. Ashley Iaconetti

She's honest, says what she's thinking, and is the biggest Kardashian super fan on the planet. She has no problem posting a photo of her forehead and revealing she has had Botox, nor will she think twice about defending Nick Viall or snapping photos that show she has remained tight with her fellow Bachelor contestants. Love her or hate her, Iaconetti's IG account shows a very real side to the brunette beauty.

6. Courtney Robertson

She will always be remembered as a scandalous contestant who talked Ben Flajnik into skinny-dipping with her at the beach, but Courtney Robertson's Instagram is beach life porn for anyone who is California Dreamin' right about now. Everything from her photos of fresh salads and blueberries to snaps of the Santa Monica pier and the author sunbathing will make you smile and consider relocating to the West Coast.

7. Trista Sutter

Bachelorette OG Trista Sutter is a must for any fan to follow because her seemingly happy and successful relationship with Ryan Sutter is proof that true love can be found in the bizarre world of reality TV. Sutter's family of four is beyond adorable and it's inspirational to see how she and Ryan continue to find time to stay active and have fun together. Absolutely no drama to see here.

8. Jillian Harris

As the host of HGTV's Love It Or List It, Too, Jillian Harris has come a long way from her Bachelorette days. Her photos are breathtaking — minimalist, clean, and heavy on great fashion and interior design ideas. She has, by far, the prettiest IG in all of Bachelor-land.

9. Nick Viall

The most misunderstood Bachelorette contestant in recent history gets a chance to show his kinder, gentler side with an Instagram that features beautiful and romantic landscape photos, yoga selfies, and selfies taken with Kermit the Frog. Admit it: you can't help but still be curious about Viall.

10. Emily Maynard

The single mom was a fan favorite for a good reason — she's just freaking awesome. Her Instagram is proof that nice girls finish first because Maynard is now happily living life and married to Tyler Johnson. The couple share an adorable baby boy and Maynard's sweet family photos will lift your spirits.

11. Sharleen Joynt

Sharleen Joynt isn't just the Bachelor alum Juan Pablo was mad about, she's an accomplished opera singer with a hot fiancé who eats poutine on her hands and knees and shares incredible videos of her singing on stage with the voice of an angel. Juan Pablo must be kicking himself every day of his life.

And there you have it: just a few former contestants who deserve a spot on your IG feed. Expect to add to the list once the identities of Ben Higgins' contestants (who are allegedly physically fighting over him) are finally revealed.