"Snapchat Vs. Real Life" Proves That What You Snap Is Nothing Like Reality — VIDEO

Snapchat, along with many other forms of social media, is a great way to communicate and stay in touch with the people you care about most. It's also a way to make your life look way more dramatic than it is. Snapchat versus real life? Not the same thing. It's OK, though; we're all guilty of it.

And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding: BuzzFeed's latest video summarizes the Snapchat versus real life experience, and it's incredibly relatable. In the clip, we follow a woman through her day as she compulsively snaps everything. We've all been that person who taks an emotional picture of a tree or raps along to their favorite song in the car — but what's going on outside your artistically-framed snap may not be at all what's going on inside of it.

Whether you add a filter to your coffee cup and accidentally spill it moments later, or share a video of a gorgeous skyline when in actuality you've been waiting for the bus for 20 minutes, faking it on Snapchat is just one of the many ways we give our days a little boost of glamour. But hey, as the saying goes, fake it 'til you make it (I say as I snap a video of a candle to everyone I know).

Below, check out some of the most "too close to home" moments from the video, and scroll down to watch the whole thing.

1. The Snap: Inspirational Nature

Wow! What an inspirational tree. Such lovely composition and filter selection. Truly a masterful Snapchat creation.

The Reality: You're In A Parking Lot

Let's be honest: Is anyone going to believe you went all Into The Wild? That tree just happens to be next to your car. Tripping on a garbage bag in the process of snapping is optional.

2. The Snap: Caught It On The First Try!

We've definitely all seen a snap of someone catching popcorn or some other bite-sized snack. Did you think they really got it on the first try?

The Reality: It's Your 85th Try

Admit it. You went through a whole bag of popcorn just to get this five second clip.

3. The Snap: Expert Snapchat Lens Usage

Playing around with Snapchat's lenses will never get old. There's always a new and hilarious lens to try out.

The Reality: You've Had Rainbows Coming Out Of Your Eyes All Day

As I said, Snapchat lenses are amazing... except for when it takes the app all day to recognize that your face doesn't start on your ear.

3. The Snap: Channelling Your Inner Nicki Minaj

Singing and generally looking fabulous while in the car is a Snapchat classic.

The Reality: You're Holding Up A Red Light

But remember, folks — when you get pulled over for driving suspiciously, your verses of "Feelin' Myself" will likely not be enough to get you out of a ticket.

4. The Snap: You Are The Definition Of #SquadGoals

Your friends are amazing, so naturally you want to show them off to the world, right? Plus, this also proves you socialized with more than just your mom that day.

The Reality: "Why Do You Always Have To Snapchat Everything?!"

If you're the friend who snaps everything, you've probably been called out for it a time or two. But that's OK; some people just don't understand the beauty of the snap.

5. The Snap: Looking Amazing In Your Pajamas

Laying in bed, wishing all of your loyal fans goodnight is pretty adorable.

The Reality: You Probably Have A Cat Sitting On Your Head

Who isn't covered in zit cream and a Snuggie as they lay down to sleep? To anyone who actually looks snap-worthy at midnight, I applaud you.

Watch the full video below:

Images: Pexels; BuzzFeedViolet/YouTube (6)