Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015 That’ll Help You Win Any Costume Contest

Halloween is right around the corner, so if you're still in search of the perfect costume, go no further. Rather than dressing up as a celebrity or a character from a movie or TV show, why not try a celeb Halloween costume, and wear a costume that a famous person already has. I mean, if you really want to copy your favorite celeb this is the way to do it.

There's no doubt that celebs know how to do Halloween right. For instance, Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes are always fan-freaking-tastic and way over-the-top. She really gets in the spirit and it's amazing. Also, Ellen DeGeneres' costume ideas are usually on point. If I had the means to have costumes like theirs, I'd no doubt I'd win every Halloween costume contest I entered. No one else would even need to dress up, because mine would be that spectacular. (I guess things are a bit different when you have a bunch of celebs competing against each other, though.)

Lucky for you, if you, too, want to win any costume contest, then here are a few celebrity Halloween costume ideas that will surely help you take home the gold or the trophy or the basket of wine (*fingers crossed*) or whatever the costume contest prize is.

Taylor Swift's Winged Unicorn

I don't know about you, but I hate being hot, especially at a party and surrounded by a ton of people, and Swift's costume looks warm. So, to combat this, why not just wear the wings and unicorn horn? First, these angel wings from Party City cost only $19.99.

Then, you can either sport a unicorn horn, like this one from Target for $12.99.

Or, better yet, wear this unicorn bathrobe ($29.99) from ThinkGeek, add the wings from above, and you're all set, not to mention comfy. I'm pretty sure Swift would approve.

Kim & Kanye's Superhero

If you really want to be like Kimye, then why not channel their Halloween style? This Catwoman costume from Party City costs $49.99, but it includes an eye mask, a jumpsuit, a belt, and boot covers. Even though it's not Kardashian's exact Catwoman costume (i.e. Michelle Pfeiffer's from Batman Returns), it still works. Plus, it's supposed to resemble Anne Hathaway's from The Dark Knight Rises.

As for Kanye's Batman costume, try this one from Target that costs $59.99 and includes a jumpsuit with attached boot tops, a cape, a mask, a belt, and a jumpsuit with a muscle chest.

Ed Sheeran's Chucky

This costume is quite easy to create. First, and most obviously, you need a wig, unless you have fantastic red hair, like Sheeran. Believe it or not, it's hard to find a "Chucky wig," so I improvised. This $19 wig modeled after Chuckie from Rugrats works just fine. You might have to spike it some more, or even trim it with scissors, but all that hard work will totally pay off.

Next, you need overalls. This pair from Target ($29.99) will work for men.

And this $34.90 pair from Forever 21 will work for women.

Now, for that striped shirt.

Ladies, any striped shirt will work, so if you have one at home, put it on! If not, Forever 21 has this classic striped shirt and it only costs $14.90.

Men, you can also wear a striped shirt already hanging in your closet. However, if you need one, here's one from H&M for $17.99.

Lucy Hale's Twitter Bird

If you're a lover of Twitter and social media, then this costume is for you. For wings, see above, because those Taylor Swift angel wings from Party City will work for this, too. As for the boots, you can wear any boots you have in your closet. The necessary tutu can be found on Amazon and only costs $11.98.

The perfect top can be purchased at Forever 21 for $6.90. It's not a tube top, but it's teal, a crop top, and looks comfier than Hale's. In my opinion, comfort is key during Halloween.

If you're in need of some turquoise leggings, Target has some that range in price between $17.48 to $28.00.

These blue fishnet gloves from Party City ($3.99) aren't exact, but they will definitely do the trick.

These huge sunglasses are also at Party City for $6.99.

Finally, this blue wig from Party City ($16.99) has bangs just like Hale's.

The Twitter designs, logo, and symbols can be made with paint, markers, puffy paint, or whatever you choose.

So, which celeb do you want to copy this Halloween?

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram; Party City; Target; ThinkGeek; Getty Images; My Costume Wigs; Forever 21; H&M; Amazon