The 'Dirty Dancing' Lift Was Unrehearsed & 11 Other Things From That Movie That Can't Be Faked

Though we all lose our street cred for copping to it, it's impossible not to love Dirty Dancing , and I'm sure many backs have been broken in an attempt to recreate that famous lift scene. Joke's on you, losers: in a recent interview with The Guardian, Jennifer Grey said she didn't have to practice the Dirty Dancing lift at all, confessing "I only did it once, the day it was shot. Never rehearsed it, never done it since." Wait, what?

Yeah, apparently Grey just lucked out the first time and, rationally, doesn't want to risk injury in the future. "I don't know how all these people who re-enact it have the guts to throw themselves into the arms of anyone other than Patrick Swazye," Grey said. "It's insane!" Well, some of us aren't that fortunate (R.I.P. sweet prince), but I totally get what she's saying. It always looked like a nerve-racking stunt that should only be reserved to for hardened professionals instead of, like, your cousin and her husband at their rustic barnyard wedding. However, there are plenty of things regarding Dirty Dancing that you and I... and the movie... can't fake, besides that apparently unrehearsed lift.

So let's recap all the aspects of your favorite corny classic Dirty Dancing that are real AF.

1. This Summer Hairstyle


I'm glad that this movie features the humidity-quenched poodle hair I have to deal with July, and lots of it. Then again, it is just the '80s.

2. The Fact That This Movie Was Made In The '80s


It's set in the very early '60s, but, from the neck up, everyone is a bold walking anachronism.

3. Baby's Almost Embarrassing Dance Moves On The Steps


It's pretty admirable that she's able to pull off two near-perfect showcases considering she has the very reasonably bad dance skills of your average rhythmless chick on any normal day.

4. The Anxiety You Get When You Want To Be Where The Cool Kids Are But You're Just An Honors Student


So, you decide to carry a watermelon to make yourself of use. Basically, my entire experience working CMJ showcases in a nutshell. "I brought the box of glow sticks."

5. This Textbook Reaction To When Guys Try To Dance With Me In The Club.


Hahaha, oh my god, are you trying to get with me? Dude, plz, I just want to break it down to Taylor Swift with my friends.

6. Likewise, This Dancing In The Club


Johnny Castle puts a little bit more thought into grinding than your average dude-bro, but still.

7. This Very Teenage Speech


I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Baby, you've known this guy for a week, you need to calm yourself down.

8. Your Lust For Patrick Swayze In The "Love Is Strange" Scene


Just want to go on the record that regardless of your type, me, my friend Jennette, and my mom both unanimously agree that he's super sexy in this scene.

9. The Complete Despair When Bae Has To Leave For A While


"But does the band really have to go on tour in Nebraska? What's even in Nebraska?"

10. Dad Anguish


Because there is no deeper betrayal than when your dad disappoints you... or when you've disappointed your dad and have to confront him full cry face.

11. The Need To Amplify A Dress With A Perfectly Spinny Skirt


Oh, please, if you get a dress with a gorgeous chiffon bottom you bet your behind you'll be twirling around like a madwoman all night... even if it's in the comfort of your own apartment.

And, with that, I'm gonna queue up the flick on Netflix, and have the time of my life.

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