Daily Struggles Of Being A Bonafide Germaphobe

Are you one of those people who isn't neurotic, per se, but absolutely hates when people sneeze anywhere within a five mile radius of you? If so, you'll recognize these struggles of being a germaphobe that BuzzFeed Video captured all too perfectly. If you're one of those people who can't touch the top of the trash can, or deal with people sipping out of your cup (even when you're on a third date), they feel you. You're entitled to thinking germs are gross, and are more than welcome to use as much hand sanitizer as your little heart desires. And, hey, you can open doorknobs with your sleeve instead of your bare hands if you want to.

I consider myself a recovering germophobe. I think they purposefully freak you out before you go to college, with stories about mono and worse, so I was terrified of passing my cup of warm beer along to a friend to sip out of. However, I now live in a big city, filled with dirt, roaches, and probably rodents of all kinds, and have somehow calmed, at least a little. Though, I wouldn't say "no" to anyone offering me hand sanitizer, and tend to get a little anxious when I can't find any. So if you're a germaphobe, here are four struggles you'll understand too well:

1. You Don't Want Anything To Do With Touching Trash Cans Ever

Like ... ever ever ever ever.

2. You Understand Toilet Seats Are Like Little Death Traps

And need to be covered very very thoroughly.

3. You Detest Shaking Hands

And if they have a cold, it's pretty much your worst nightmare.

4. You Don't Touch Communal Things

Doorknobs, buttons on a microwave, shoes someone else has already tried on. You want nothing to do with that sh*t.

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And, like, buy some Purrell later?

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