Kirsten Dunst Says She Felt Pressured To Pose For 'Maxim' When She Was 18

The lovely and talented Kirsten Dunst has recently been added as a cast member to the successful and critically-acclaimed show Fargo, but for a lot of us, she's most well-known for her turn as Torros cheerleader Torrance Shipman in Bring It On. Around the time that the movie came out, Kirsten Dunst posed for Maxim, at only 18 years old. It was only until now, however, in an interview with Stylist that she admitted to feeling pressured to show as much skin as she did.

The cover featured the star topless wearing only a jean jacket over her breasts and a pair of white briefs. The idea that she was pressured into the shoot at such a young age gives me the serious heebie jeebies, and I won't be posting the cover here because of it.

In an interview with Stylist recapped by Hello Giggles, Dunst explained the way the shoot went down and revealed she felt "bullied" to do the near topless shoot. "I was too young, I didn’t like it...Not good," Dunst told Stylist.

The image is pretty well-known at this point, and it's been quite some time since it occurred, but that may be why Dunst is now speaking out. The actress, who is now 33 years old, said she didn't sit idly after the shoot, however. Instead she explained, "Then I got a whole new team of people!” Thankfully, Dunst was clearly able to take a stand after the shoot and hire a new supportive team.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Dunst may have unfortunately fallen into the trap some young actresses encounter — showcasing their sexuality despite being uncomfortable — there are great examples of magazines that gave stars the opportunity to be brave and feel strong and empowered. Take a look at some of those great covers.

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Images: Time Magazine; Cosmopolitan; People Magazine; Vogue Spain; Women's Running