Adam Levine Meets Girl Who Wanted To Marry Him

Upon finding out that her favorite singer Adam Levine is a married man, little Mila had the same reaction that the majority of this planet did: A full on emotional breakdown that involved tears, disbelief, and some scream-crying at her mom. The video of Mila's reaction to Levine's marital status immediately went viral and ultimately landed her (and her mom) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. And, in addition to gifting the adorable little nugget with a personalized Adam + Mila 4ever outfit, DeGeneres did one better and brought out Levine to meet Mila. Predictably, the cutest moments ever witnessed on earth ensued.

Levine, who later told the guests that "every single person that I know in my entire life" sent him the video, was an absolute gentleman with his scorned non-bride, walking on stage with a rose in hand and immediately picking her up and tossing her in the air. And even though Mila later got a little overwhelmed by meeting her "future husband" and nudged away from Levine, he handled it with total grace... which makes me love the Maroon 5 frontman that much more, tbh.

1. When He Comes On Stage & She Sees Her Future Husband For The First Time


2. When He Gestures Her To Come Here

I'm not so sure Mila realizes how many fans would actually pass out if this was their reality.

3. When He Hands Her A Rose

Who needs an engagement ring when Adam gives you a rose?!

4. When He Picks Her Up And Tosses Her In The Air


5. When He Gets In On That Group Hug With Mom

Bye me.

6. When They Wave At Each Other

Too. Freaking. Cute.

7. And When She Got Shy & Just Wanted To Cuddle With Her Mom

Ultimate lesson learned? Mom hugs > Adam Levine hugs.

Images: The Ellen Show/YouTube (7)