'The Bachelor' Star Megan Bell Releases A Song, & The Lyrics Might Be About Her Time On The Show

It's really special when a reality star releases a song, but it's even more special when said song might be about the reality show they graced with their presence. The star at hand: Megan Bell, from Chris Soules' The Bachelor . She's the one who thought the show was traveling internationally when they went to New Mexico. Ahh, yes. Megan recently released a song on iTunes called "Old School," and the lyrics will make any Bachelor fan's ears perk up because there's talk a man giving a woman a rose and I'm going to stop there before I give it all away.

If you're not sure about buying Megan's song on iTunes, let me sell you on it. First of all, support Megan's dreams. Second of all, all of the proceeds go towards WildCRU, the wildlife conservation research unit. Megan posted this message on her Facebook informing friends and fans that for a 99 cents download, you, too, could save wildlife. It's that easy.

Old School is officially available on iTunes!! Be sure to download and save wildlife. All proceeds go directly to www.WildCRU.org - we would love and appreciate your support!!! Thank you! Time to celebrate:)

If you decide not to buy the song, fine. But at least listen to the sample on iTunes so we can talk over these lyrics. Because the die-hard Bachelor fan in me really wants these lyrics to be about Megan's time on the show.

Because I spent the better half of the first 23 years of my life not knowing the Internet existed and was full of lyrics to songs, I've become a pro at transcribing lyrics during playback. I've done so for the sample clip of "Old School."

He gave her a rose and she let him

Holding hands, sneaking out at night

Skinny-dipping out by the moonlight

No competition for each other's hearts

It was love right from the start

They sat at old school bleachers under Friday night lights

Smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes

Didn't have to think about consequence

Never even tried to be that cool

They just went outside and didn't act the fool

And nobody ever said a word

They did it old school — ooh

Old school — ooh

Daddy loved her with all his might

Mama loved him and held him tight

He carved their names in an old oak tree

A promise of what would forever be

So, are these lyrics at all related to Megan's time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise? Let's take a closer look.

"He gave her a rose and she let him"

Yep, that is a straight up Bachelor hat tip if I've ever heard one.

"No competition for each other's hearts/ It was love right from the start"

This lyric reads a bit more bitter than the others. Maybe she was like, "I don't need 24 other women fighting for my man."

"And nobody ever said a word/ They did it old school — ooh"

At the heart of the song is falling in love in an "old school" way. The Bachelor is probably the least old school way to fall in love (see: "heart of a warrior, soul of a gypsy" above), but falling in love in a football field. Classic.

"He carved their names in an old oak tree/ A promise of what would forever be."

Even though carving names into a tree seems very Bachelor one-on-one date to me, I think the permanence and romanticism involved in this line shows that Megan won't be turned off by love until she finds her prince charming's name in a tree. And then they can honeymoon in New Mexico.

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