Gigi Hadid Is A Music Video Director Now

We're pretty used to models transitioning to actresses and photographers, but directing music videos? That's a new one. It girl Gigi Hadid directed DNCE's "Cake By The Ocean" video, which of course stars her boyfriend and band frontman Joe Jonas. And I gotta say, nice work, Gigi — this is a pretty fun music video to watch.

The music video starts out with two commentators talking about DNCE's first annual international cake fight, ESPN-style. There's a banner running along the bottom of the screen, pointing out Gigi as one of the music video's directors. Also given a shoutout are the two teams ready for battle: one featuring Instagram's very own @TheFatJewish (aka Josh Ostrovsky), plus Team DNCE, which is composed of a slew of models (including one of my favorites, Candice Huffine, who just became the Pirelli Calendar's first plus-size model.)

Oh, and there's a giant piece of cake in the background, too. Literal cake by the ocean? Gimme. As the band starts to perform their hit single, bikini models clad in GUESS swimwear (Gigi has been a GUESS girl since she was four, after all) dive right into a cake fight with Ostrovsky. And he's the real treat of the video. If only he'd brought his adorable puppy mill rescue, @ToastMeetsWorld.

It also would have been nice to see Gigi step out from behind the camera, but hey, it's not like she's not already everywhere.

Check out the video in all of its sunbaked glory:

Seriously, though — Toast would have been a great co-star. Look how cute she is on the beach!

Ah, well. Maybe next time, Gigi.