This Wedding Shoot Five Sisters Made For Their Parents Is Too Adorable For Your Eyes — PHOTOS


The idea that a wedding dress is a dress you only wear once might be true for everyone except these five sisters who did a wedding photo shoot together recently. Cassie, one of the sisters, pitched the idea to Rachel Blackwell, the photographer from her own wedding. She wanted to capture all five sisters together in their wedding dresses, while it was still easy enough for them to get together and make it happen. Rachel was on board with the idea right away!

Personally, I love this idea. Weddings (from what I hear) are pretty expensive, especially depending on the taste of the people who are getting hitched. You might be like Kim Kardashian and get a dress that took hundreds of hours, yards of tule, and maybe a few tears to make. Luckily, this idea makes getting that expensive dress really economical! You too can now wear that beautifully intricate dress not just once, but possibly twice. There isn't a rule that says you cannot wear your wedding dress again, right? Even if there is, you do you, girl. If you paid good money for something you better get some good use out of it. Although you probably wont be able to out-cute these gorgeous ladies.

The entire family was thrilled to see the photos. And why wouldn't they be?! Personally, I think there should be a party for every year someone is married thrown by close family and friends. Maybe everyone could bust out their latest wedding look as part of the party attire? Listen, I don't know if it would work but I can tell you I would like to try. Until that day comes, enjoy some of the best pictures from the shoot!

The Ring Shot

Look at those sparklers. Those ladies are pretty lucky!

The Jump Shot

This is a timeless pose, but the added wedding gowns make it magical. I'm calling up my girlfriends for a shoot like this ASAP.

The Friends Recreation Shot

My favorite of the bunch. So very Monica, Rachel and Phoebe of them.

Images: Courtesy of Rachel Blackwell