How A Facebook Selfie May Have Saved Susann Stacy's Life

From Kentucky, here's a sad story with a happy ending (and a positive take on social media, for a change). When Susann Stacy's husband attacked her recently, he also ripped out their house's phone line. With no cell reception, Stacy was unable to call 911. But she did have WiFi on her phone, which enabled her to reach out on Facebook for help.

According to local news station WKYT, Stacy's husband Donnie flipped out when he heard her in the bathroom on the phone with another man. Stacy says he came in, beat with her a handgun, and ripped their home phone line out. A photo of Stacy's face shows severe bleeding and bruising (image below, but warning: it's graphic). There were "several lacerations to the head," county Sheriff's Deputy Sam Mullins said later of her injuries. "They appeared to be bad but we really couldn't tell at the time, due to her hair was matted to her, and the blood."

After the beating, Stacy's husband left the house. With no landline and no cell reception, she was unable to call anyone for help. So Stacy took a "selfie" of her battered face and uploaded it to Facebook from her phone. With it was the plea: "Help .... please anyone."

A friend called the local police, and deputies came to Stacy's house. They found the loaded handgun her husband had beaten her with in the backyard, and found her husband nearby. Donnie Stacy was arrested and now faces assault charges. And while the following photo is horrifying, this is one selfie that may just have saved a life.