'Veronica Mars' Love Triangle & 5 Other TV Teen Romances We Took Sides On

Hold onto your hats, Marshmallows. The official Veronica Mars trailer is out, and there's a good chance that it might not make Logan and Veronica fans so happy. When we last left Veronica and Co. and Hearst College, Veronica had broken up with Logan (because he slept with her mortal enemy, Madison — ugh, let's not even rehash it) and was dating the super nice college DJ, Piz. Though LoVe fans had assumed that the star-crossed couple who was bad boy Logan and badass Veronica would come together once again, the series ended before that could happen.

And now, in the movie trailer — which takes place 10 years after Veronica left Neptune High — it seems that Veronica and Piz are — wait for it — STILL together. Still? I mean, come on Rob Thomas, REALLY?

But fear not, fans who are rooting for the wrong leg of the love triangle — the trailer shows Veronica helping Logan clear his name of a crime, promising a whole lot of LoVe chemistry within the film. Plus, check out the longing gaze at 1:40 and tell me that's not true, pure, unadulterated teen love reemerging.

But while the Piz-Logan-Veronica love triangle was one for the ages, it certainly isn't the only teen love triangle that TV viewers obsessed over. Here are six other triangular teen drama romances that we took sides on.

Image: The CW

Logan-Veronica-Duncan, 'Veronica Mars'

Let’s start the list with yet ANOTHER Veronica Mars romantic triangle, shall we? Apparently Veronica has a habit of sweeping two guys off their feet at once, because back in Season 2, a very similar situation happened between Veronica and best friends Logan Echolls and Duncan Kane. Duncan Kane, the son of software mogul Jake Kane and sister of Veronica’s murdered best friend Lily, was Veronica’s first love. Unfortunately, due to some confusing stuff with their parents, Duncan dumped Veronica before the pilot episode because he (incorrectly) thought that they were siblings. (Gross). But even after all of that drama, it couldn’t stop the building tension between Logan and Veronica, who ended Season 2 back in one another’s arms. Duncan was cute but you can’t fight the magic that is Logan and Veronica.

Image: The CW

Blair-Nate-Serena, 'Gossip Girl'

There were so many boyfriend swaps on this show that no one really cared who dated whom by the end of the six season run, but it was actually this epic love triangle that kicked off the entire series. After sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend, Nate, Serena ran off to boarding school, leaving Nate to pine for her and Blair to be completely unaware of her boyfriend’ indiscretions. When Blair finally found out, she made Serena pay, because hell hath no fury like a Queen B scorned. Of course, they quickly resumed their BFF status and encountered a number of other love triangles along the way.

Image: The CW

Pacey-Joey-Dawson, 'Dawson's Creek'

Joey and Dawson — childhood best friends who were SO clearly written to be endgame — were adorable together. Which is why fans were shocked when they began to see the flickering flame of love between Dawson’s OTHER best friend, Pacey, and his snarky tomboy friend Joey. Somehow, though, this pairing worked way better than the writer’s original love story.

Though this triangle existed for nearly the entirety of the show, it finally came to a conclusion in the series finale, set five years into the future. Who does Joey pick? Pacey, of course. Pacey remembers everything about Joey! He bought her a wall! (Jacey forever!)

Image: The WB

Brenda-Dylan-Kelly, 'Beverly Hills, 90210'

New girl Brenda snagged bad boy Dylan McKay when she came to West Bev, but after two and a half years of romance, Dylan had a major bomb to drop on Brenda: he was now dating her best friend, Kelly. Naturally, Brenda was pretty pissed. Though eventually the friends made up, the love triangle never really died — in fact, in the reboot of 90210, we STILL see Brenda and Kelly fighting over rights to love Dylan… and learn that Dylan is the father of Kelly’s son!

Image: Fox

Anna-Seth-Summer, 'The OC'

Okay, everyone knows that Seth and Summer are the most perfect couple in the history of LOVE, so it’s unfortunate that an actually cool girl like Anna had to get in the middle of it. But while Seth was busy making the decision between his middle school crush and the cute girl with the pixie cut, fans at home knew that it was no contest. And you know what? We were right — Seth and Summer eventually got married.

Image: Fox

Brooke-Lucas-Peyton, 'One Tree Hill'

Best friends Brooke and Peyton fight over the hot, brooding outsider, Lucas, for approximately FOREVER. As a fan, I could really have seen either of these ships work out. Brooke was fun, flirty, and secretly incredibly damaged. Peyton was broody and not-so-secretly damaged. And Lucas was the indecisive jerk who messed with them both on his quest for true love. Ultimately, Peyton and Lucas got married… but only AFTER Lucas was left at the alter by his then-fiancee, Lindsey. In fact, an entire dream scene was devoted to Lucas picking between the three loves of his life. (Yes, there was a period of time where this love triangle became a love square.)

Image: The CW