'Veronica Mars' Love Triangle & 5 Other TV Teen Romances We Took Sides On

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Hold onto your hats, Marshmallows. The official Veronica Mars trailer is out, and there's a good chance that it might not make Logan and Veronica fans so happy. When we last left Veronica and Co. and Hearst College, Veronica had broken up with Logan (because he slept with her mortal enemy, Madison — ugh, let's not even rehash it) and was dating the super nice college DJ, Piz. Though LoVe fans had assumed that the star-crossed couple who was bad boy Logan and badass Veronica would come together once again, the series ended before that could happen.

And now, in the movie trailer — which takes place 10 years after Veronica left Neptune High — it seems that Veronica and Piz are — wait for it — STILL together. Still? I mean, come on Rob Thomas, REALLY?

But fear not, fans who are rooting for the wrong leg of the love triangle — the trailer shows Veronica helping Logan clear his name of a crime, promising a whole lot of LoVe chemistry within the film. Plus, check out the longing gaze at 1:40 and tell me that's not true, pure, unadulterated teen love reemerging.

But while the Piz-Logan-Veronica love triangle was one for the ages, it certainly isn't the only teen love triangle that TV viewers obsessed over. Here are six other triangular teen drama romances that we took sides on.

Image: The CW

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