It's So Easy To Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston

I am madly in love with a boy. Well — he's a man, to be more exact. And he probably doesn't really know I exist, but no matter: you can't fight love. What sets out love apart, though, is that I am not alone in my only sorta creepy devotion to him: There are way more obsessed fans out there who — like me — just spend countless hours looking at pictures of his face on the Internet. You know: totally normal behavior. Who is this man? Of course, it can be none other than the most crush-worthy person ever, Tom Hiddleston.

According to science (which means that this info is legit), if you maintain direct eye contact with someone for an extended period of time, you will fall madly in love with them. You are also supposed to also ask the other person a bunch of questions but sheesh, Tom Hiddleston doesn't need words. He can make you fall in love with just his eyes.

Don't believe me? HuffPost Live posted a video involving Tom Hiddleston staring deep into everyone's souls for a full 20 seconds, and it's impossible to not fall in love with him while watching. I mean, It only took me five second to fall even more in love with the man, because looking into those baby blues of his... it's like, whoa, that's true love.

Unsurprisingly, there are tons of other images and clips of Hiddleston that do the trick, too. Watch these other images and try not fall deeply in love with Tom Hiddleston — I dare you.

That Smile

Heaven really is a place on Earth. Tom Hiddleston is proof of that.

His Dance Moves

He's got the moves like jagger.

More Dancing

What's better than a GIF of Tom Hiddleston dancing? Two GIFs of Hiddleston dancing.

The Gaze That Shows He Gets You

Tom Hiddleston understands your problems. He has a sensitive soul.

His Soft Kiss

I've never wanted to be a foam puppet pig so badly in my whole life.

That Lip-Lick

You say weird personal quirk, I say endearing quality that makes me fall even more deeply in love with the man.

That Wink

It's like he know what he is doing to us and yet he does it anyways.

He Can Work It Like Model

That head turn is trés chic.

Even When He Disagrees It's Adorable

It is good to know that if Tom and I ever disagreed on something (which we never would because we are in love and perfect for one another) that he looks so good saying no.

His Perfect Teeth

Somebody get this man an endorsement with Colgate, STAT.

He's Good With Children

Any person that can tolerate extended time with Sesame Street characters would obviously make a great father to my future offspring. Duh!

This Face

Who couldn't love this face?

He Looks Good In Lots Of Different Hairstyles

Blonde poodle hair might not be his best look, but he still looks better with it than most.

More Lip Licking

Because why not? I'm just giving the people what they want.

He's Got Big Hands

Not much more to say about that.

His Laugh

Without question, Tom Hiddleston's laughter is the greatest thing on this planet.

His Laugh Is Too Perfect

His Smile + That Laugh = Tru Luv 4Ever

The Way He Says Goodbye

No words, only feelz.

So by this point, I'm sure we are all madly in love with Tom Hiddleston and all is right in the world. Take what you have learned here and go into the world to share the message of Hiddleston's hotness. We Hiddlestoners are always looking to expand our ranks.

Images: Giphy (20)