Hailee Steinfeld Is The Most Stylish Every

This lady has been killing it these days! Not only is she a member of Taylor Swift's infamous girl gang and flawlessly transitioned into a pop star ("Love Myself" is such a jam), but Hailee Steinfeld's style game is better than ever these days. Steinfeld has always been stylish, but recently she has been really coming into her own, taking bigger risks with mad payoffs. Like, she might be my new style crush. OK, fine — she is definitely my new style crush.

She has a great eye for accessories, can rock some seriously intense makeup and she just always looks casually cool. Her off-duty style is totally achievable and not super "celebrity" like some of her peers (I'm looking at you, Kylie Jenner) and her style for events is even better, with a mix of glam, classic gowns and edgy high fashion, avant garde pieces.

I get so inspired looking at her Instagram account, where she shares plenty of outfit pics. I actually wish that she would consider being a celebrity style blogger like Ashley Madekwe or Jamie Chung, because her outfit choices are that good. Or at the very least consider using or something so I can shop (or more realistically lust after but never actually buy) her clothes.

Here are some of Steinfeld's most stylish moments.

1. This white jumpsuit

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Steinfeld wore this to a Topshop grand opening party and was the physical embodiment of my jumpsuit goals.

2. Her Coachella look

Layered necklaces, a flowy skirt and big shades. Perfect summer outfit inspo.

3. When she looked fresh to death at fashion week

Her sheer top and dramatic eye makeup are exactly what I want to wear every time I go to a party. Unfortunately I don't attend Givenchy NYFW parties, so I'd probably look a little out of place.

4. So much leather

Leather crop top plus a studded leather jacket? I'm sold.

5. When she rocked a hot pink lip and looked amazing

The hot pink lip, chunky silver necklaces and white tee look nonchalantly cool. I might actually copy this look in the near future.

6. When her jacket was cute and inspiring

OK, obviously this jacket is a promotion for her single, but I love it nonetheless. It's a good message.

7. When she wore sunglasses indoors

It was at Dior, so I'll allow it. Plus, those sunglasses are pretty dope.

8. When she rocked the coolest bralette

The combination of this bralette, romper and layered jewelry is perfection.

9. This crop top and necklace combo

This is outfit is simple, but very well done.

10. This chic ensemble

Not sure how she was able to make pleather look this classy, but she somehow did.

11. When she wore these thigh-high boots

I'm a sucker for any boots that go above the knee. Her body suit and fishnet tights make this even cooler.

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