Kylie Jenner Goes Short With A Bob

by Kali Borovic

It seems like every day this reality star has a new look. That's right — Kylie Jenner got a blunt bob, and this time I don't think it's a wig. Although the star committed to a short and stylish cut, there's still no telling how long it will last. After all, she has a wide collection of extensions!

As Jenner's recent GALORE cover stated, "The only thing that is predictable about her is that she's unpredictable." This couldn't be more accurate, especially when it comes to her hair. It's another day, another stunning style for the star. Her style is extra surprising given that she appears to be dealing with her natural hair instead of experimenting with colorful wigs and extensions.

Jenner showed off her choppy new 'do in a slow-motion Instagram video. From the looks of the twirl, this girl is feeling herself. There's no better feeling than showing of a fresh cut to all your followers, especially when you have almost 40 million of them. She describes the cut as "dope," and though I don't normally use that word, I have to agree that it is, in fact, pretty dope.

It's possible that Jenner's new hair might just be the style of the season. With the classic middle part and straight single length cut, it screams chic. Plus there's nothing better than a low-maintenance 'do for when you want to spend a few extra minutes in bed.

This style is a big change from the extra long locks that the star has been sporting lately. Just take a look at how drastically different it is.



I can barely find one signature hair length, but Jenner pulls off every style she tries. If you're thinking of getting a drastic cut, try this faux bob before you go under the scissors. It's a bit piece-y and more bohemian than Jenner's look, but it's pretty low-commitment.

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