Was Kylie Jenner's Blue Hair A Fake Out?

by Kali Borovic

Colored hair is all the rage, and Kylie Jenner's blue hair was some of the best I've seen so far. But sadly the colorful 'do that she sported at the Bellami event for her Kylie Hair Kouture extension line was just a wig. That's right, the queen of switching up hairstyles has tricked us all, and her social media activity proves it.

Jenner took the fashion world by surprise when she showed up to the event with baby blue hair and visible black roots. But if her hair looked too good to be true, it's because it was. Judging by her Snapchat, it looks like Jenner was just a walking advertisement for her new hair line, but that's not to say she didn't look fabulous while she rocked the 'do.

The reality star posted a string of Snapchat videos of her getting her hair done in different ways and although they doesn't specifically show the hair being put on, Jenner's latest Instagram post shows that she's back to her natural look. Going from blue to brown doesn't happen overnight. Or does it? I guess there's no hairstyle that the Kardashian's can't buy, so really anything is possible. (Hello, blonde Kim K.) I'll just let you guys decide this one for yourselves.

The image that started it all. She debuted the look at the premiere event for her extension line.

She even took selfies to make us all believers.

She took a bunch of Snapchat videos of her getting her hair done, but I don't see any hair dye.

This makes it seem like her styling team was working with something fake.

But either way, she's back to her natural hair color.

Judging by the evidence, I'm going to vote that her change in look was just a wig.