14 Creative Halloween Costumes For Groups

by Corinne Caputo

Halloween costumes for couples are great, but they've got nothing on creative group Halloween costume ideas. Anyone can find another person to coordinate their outfit with, but group costumes show off how clever people can be when they work together. Plus, it is always way more fun to collaborate with friends than to work by yourself or with one other person. Of course, I might just be saying this simply because I really love seeing people work together in groups. For example, flash mobs usually make me cry, no matter what the context. It's weird, I know — I'm working on it. Just don't show me any kind of flash mob proposal video before noon... then I will really lose my mind.

Excellent group costumes need each other to work well, kind of like the ingredients to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which would also make a great costume), or like the gears that make up a watch (which would definitely not make a great costume). Halloween is the perfect time to showcase your creative talents, and your friends. So go ahead and gather your #girlsquad, because the costumes that follow are too good not to duplicate. Want to win Halloween this year? Here is how.

1. Milkshakes

Of course StudioDIY came up with the cutest group costume ever. The tutorial for the milkshake costume is here, complete with a costume for a milkshake boy for the man in your squad.

2. Lego People

With some cardboard and face paint, you can bring your favorite toys to life with this amazing group costume.

3. Dominoes

Not only is this costume idea perfect for groups, it's incredibly simple too. Dress in all black, adhere white dots to yourself, and you have an instant costume.

4. Shampoo Bottles

For a fun costume that's squeaky clean, this is the way to go.

5. Toy Story Aliens

There is no limit to how many pals you can invite into this costume, making it the most inclusive, and maybe the most fun.

6. Cards Against Humanity

Dress up as your favorite snarky card.

7. Plastic Soldiers

This costume is unbelievably clever, and looks best when it's in a group.

8. Human Trophies

I don't think a costume has brought me this much joy in a long time. Get some gold body paint and some old sports equipment, and you've earned yourself first place in the costume contest.

9. Tetris

Everybody's favorite game is now everybody's favorite costume.

10. Shark Week

Now you really can live every week like it's Shark Week, or at least live Halloween like it's Shark Week.

11. Roller Coaster

This costume is as fun as the actual thing. I mean that in a good way — I love roller coasters.

12. Fruit

StudioDIY nails it again with these perfectly adorable fruit costumes.

13. The Golden Girls

The original #girlsquad.

14. Garden Gnomes

Maybe it's the weird mannequins in this photo, but these hats ($37, are so funny to me. Imagine you and your friends walking into a party as a bunch of gnomes. It's so silly!

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Image: StudioDIY; Jeff Mindell for StudioDIY; A Beautiful Mess