Who is Laura Calleros On 'Empire'? Hakeem May Have Found A New Artist & Love Interest

While I really admire the rest of the Lyon family's drive to get away from Lucious and do their own thing with Lyon Dynasty, I can't help but think that Hakeem is going to find a way to screw it up. His new protégé, Laura, is talented, but I'm confident he's going to start a romance with her and ruin their working relationship. So who is Laura Calleros on Empire , and why will she be so important?

Viewers (and Hakeem) first met Laura when she was singing “Lago Azul” at the bar Hakeem was drowning his sorrows in last week. Laura is played by Jamila Velazquez, who has the voice of an utter angel. Before Empire, Velazquez starred in in the short-lived ABC Family show Twisted and had a multi-episode arc on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She also played the part of Raquel in the film Come Home Raquel. As a new actress, an interesting role on Empire is just what Velazquez needs to break into the big time. According to Billboard, she will appear in about half of the season (nine of 18 episodes), so there’s definitely a major storyline ahead for her character in Season 2.

Hakeem always seems to be making bad romantic decisions and/or getting hurt when the women he's with leave — usually because of Lucious. Take Camilla, played by Naomi Campbell; Hakeem started to take career advice from her (what was her expertise, exactly?) and was devastated when Lucious forced her to end their relationship. And what about Becky G's Valentina, whom we met, like Laura, only this season? Hakeem picked her for his girl group, and then she went to Empire because Lucious promised to further her career. Another swing and a miss, Hakeem.

As I see it now, Laura's arc on Empire can go only one of two ways. Here are our choices:

1. Laura Signs With Hakeem & Becomes A Star

As much as I would like to see Lyon Dynasty succeed, I can’t believe that it would be so easy — just sign this new singer and everything falls into place. Why? I believe that she and Hakeem will get involved and blow the notion of Hakeem's all-Latina girl group sky high. Hakeem has a hard time keeping it professional, which usually leads to someone getting hurt. But let's pretend — Laura could be the perfect missing piece for Hakeem's girl group, earning the group and the label a monster radio hit, as well as proof that the Lyon family does not need Lucious to be successful.

2. Laura Signs With Hakeem & Blows Up Lyon Dynasty

This is the more likely option, because if things always went well, who would watch the show? Laura could sign with Hakeem and everything could be all hunky-dory. She's bonding with the girl group, singing her heart out, enjoying a steamy new relationship with Hakeem — but watch out! Lucious, especially now that he's out of jail, is always right behind the rest of his family waiting to meddle and ruin what they have going on. Lucious Lyon is why we can't have nice things. He'll find a way to get Laura, and maybe even the whole group, to join Empire instead, taking Lyon Dynasty's biggest new stars.

Velazquez's Laura is a lovely addition (and voice) to the Empire cast, but I'm afraid that loveliness won't last long. I guess we'll have to wait and see what Hakeem has up his sleeve (figuratively, of course, he only wears tank tops) to see whether she finds musical success, and at which Lyon label.

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